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[SOLVED] Menu Bar (Home-Bar) Color change


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Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before, and I read through a large number of topics to find it, but I can't find it anywhere...


I'm trying to change the default theme, I already managed to change the css to make the modules appear with a blue bar instead of the dark-grey standard, as well as the footer.


But, I can't seem to locate the Menu-bar anywhere. I also can't seem to find out the name with developer tools...


I can't find any images either that correspond to it, so I still assume it must be somewhere in the css...


Can anyone please help me by pointing out where to find either the css value or the img files associated with the top-menu bar in a standard installation?


I would be in your debt!



ps in the attached image it is the grey bar, it should be blue like the rest of them...


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