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  1. Hi Vekia, Sorry I didn't respond before! Your solution would be perfect! Is there any way you can tell me how it's done? Do you charge or accept a beer via paypal for it? Thanks a lot!! regards, Gijs
  2. Maybe, but even a 150pixel high logo gives me a huge space below the search and cart bars. And I think 1.6 also resizes the logo, so it doesn't mess up the width, correct? My website is here at the moment: www.vaposhopec.freehostingking.com (it sucks and is slow, but i need to wait till next week for my registar to come online...) It's not finished by far, btw. I really don't want a very small logo, so if there is a solution, please point me in the right direction and I'll have something to do this weekend
  3. As you can see below, I installed a pretty standard 1.6. All I changed really was the logo and some colors. But, I'm left with a huge empty space under de search bar, as you can see in the image below. Is there any easy solution to put an image there? Do I just copy the CSS from the BlockSearch and make a new CSS that will appear below that? Could I just do it in the Blocksearch.css file itself, so I won't have to change multiple files? Or is there a simpler solution, or even a module that can handle this for me? Thanks a lot for your help!
  4. Yeah, it seems like they just keep it in to make sure developers are never out of a job.... I just look for a color in css and replace all instances of it.. and it still doesn't work for the footer and category headers..!
  5. Now I'm even more confused... Anyways I was using the darker blue one, and I've removed all lines 5-12 in all the theme# css's, and then uploaded a pure white bg-theme6 But now I'm wondering if it might have been that ctrl-f5 does not always work when adapting the css files... Or if my ctrl-button malfunctioned
  6. To get back to what you said. When I click on my website and tell the browser to show me the background image, it shows me: ...modules/themeconfigurator/img/bg-theme6.jpg In the theme6.css, in lines 5 and 9 there is only mention of 'white', no bg-theme6.jpg is even mentioned anywhere in the css file... I just uploaded a white square to fix this, but it seems strange that the theme #'s are not the same as the bg-theme#.jpg...
  7. That doesn't change anything... You can just pick from the 8 color options. I'm having the same problem, I like the dark blue, but it comes with some background color. I can't find where to put it back to 'white'....
  8. Well, it's not complete, I do have a complete packet I can recommend: Intershop Infinity! It's only about 6million US$ for a standard installation!
  9. Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before, and I read through a large number of topics to find it, but I can't find it anywhere... I'm trying to change the default theme, I already managed to change the css to make the modules appear with a blue bar instead of the dark-grey standard, as well as the footer. But, I can't seem to locate the Menu-bar anywhere. I also can't seem to find out the name with developer tools... I can't find any images either that correspond to it, so I still assume it must be somewhere in the css... Can anyone please help me by pointing out where to find either the css value or the img files associated with the top-menu bar in a standard installation? I would be in your debt! Thanks! ps in the attached image it is the grey bar, it should be blue like the rest of them...
  10. Sorry to kick up an old topic, as a new guy here... But I really wanted to know if, when I install in this way; it is easy/possible to later transfer it to my hosting provider once the testing and everything is done....? In other words, can I make the website on my local machine with bitnami install, and then transfer it to a hoster? Or will this be difficult/impossible for some reason? Thanks for your help!
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