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changing of order_conf.html


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I tried to change a design of the confirmation email(mails/en/order_conf.html) with a help of modifying source code, but after it it's still being displayed the origin one(the origin one when i proceed new purchase in my shop, when i'm gonna display the order_conf.html  directly from server folder the changes are accepted and visible).. so how can i do it???


e.g. everythings workin  when I'm doing the same with /pdf/invoice.tpl .....


thank for reply to all


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well,thanks for messages. i'm using two languages. i modified html and txt files in both folders, i even tried to rename the files(in fact the same effect like deleted files), but it's still the same, it means the origin message confirming a purchase in the shop. why?


btw. it's being talked about /mails/en/order_conf.html ,  /mails/en/order_conf.txt


then /mails/cs/order_conf.html , /mails/cs/order_conf.txt


btw. i also tried to change html , txt, both possibilities of emails...

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