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  1. Hello, Yes i have and that was the issue thank you very much for solving of my problem . Regards Johnny
  2. sorry , now i don't know what you exactly mean? i'm modifying the files saved in /mails folder.4 EDIT: YES SORRY, OF COURSE, AS CUSTOMER IM LOGGED IN IN SHOP LIKE CUSTOMER AND MAKING AN ORDER. SO RECEIVED BY CUSTOMER THANKS
  3. well,thanks for messages. i'm using two languages. i modified html and txt files in both folders, i even tried to rename the files(in fact the same effect like deleted files), but it's still the same, it means the origin message confirming a purchase in the shop. why? btw. it's being talked about /mails/en/order_conf.html , /mails/en/order_conf.txt then /mails/cs/order_conf.html , /mails/cs/order_conf.txt btw. i also tried to change html , txt, both possibilities of emails...
  4. Hello, I tried to change a design of the confirmation email(mails/en/order_conf.html) with a help of modifying source code, but after it it's still being displayed the origin one(the origin one when i proceed new purchase in my shop, when i'm gonna display the order_conf.html directly from server folder the changes are accepted and visible).. so how can i do it??? e.g. everythings workin when I'm doing the same with /pdf/invoice.tpl ..... thank for reply to all
  5. Hello, I may be stupid, but i can't find, where is this sentence "Pay with your card or your PayPal account " regarding paypal payment, which is placed in shoping card, when it's being chosen the kind of payment. I cant find it out in back office translations and even not in any .tpl file in paypal module. In fact I only need to translate the sentence to other lingo thanks for help
  6. Hello, what file's being modified the PDF invoices in? I'd like to add and change some elements and i'd especially need next element similar to order number called specific symbol, which would be same on every invoice. It means, i'd be always displayed order number depending on a given order as usual and thed the "specific symbol" like another number , which would be same on every invoice. Thanks for helping me btw. the file's perhabs placed in classes/order... but i can't find it...
  7. hello, how can i hide the blockbestsellers.tpl when i display my-account.tpl page and where do i change a hook of blockbestsellers.tpl. i wanna change it directly in source code, so describe it in this way, please.
  8. ok man, thank you first. well, nexttime i'm gonna start new topic now, my issue. i'm afraid , the fb share link wasn't displayed in product page as you're describing, but i've found it out acc. to the $HOOK_EXTRA_LEFT in source code. and well, i modified the source code to hypertext link using the $HOOK_EXTRA_LEFT and now it's working right. actually what does the $HOOK_EXTRA_LEFT stand for????? I dont understand how it works? thanks btw. what about the second question?
  9. hello again to all, questions: 1.how to add the facebook sharing icon to every product or better how to activate it ,because i've got already "block share on facebook' installed. 2. I'd like to add new block, which will be sorting my product acc. to manufacturers. something in similar design like block categories. they are all my questions for now, thanks
  10. well, thanks, i'm going to look at it and what about removing of "how many items per page" scrool bar in default theme? What file i have to edit? See figure as attach.. Thanks
  11. exactly so thanks very much man. your solution's great i'm gonna customise it a bit for my use and that'll be fine
  12. yep i'm sorry. i meant the list of items on product page(files: product-list.tpl and product_list.css) . when you click on something in categories it's displayed a number of item, which they are being sold...
  13. Hello, i'm using default prestashop theme and now i'm customizing how they're being displayed items on the product page. default sorting is on the first picture the sorting, which i would like to is on the second one. first i reduced the size of the items and modified every single element of each item. after thid i'd need to find out a way how to reach the result on the second picture. what files have i to edit? I already tried it myself with no success . thanks for helping me ...
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