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How to start a prestashop session?


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Hi everyone,

i have two websites:

1 -  a normal website which requires to login to browse it

2 -  a shop (PrestaShop


at the moment everytime that someone registers on the website i automatically create the user in the shop with the same credentials.


My goal now is start the session of both the websites at the same time or better every time that someone login into the the website should be automatically logged in also on the shop


Any Idea or suggestion on how to do it?


I was thinking about try with CURL 


Thanks for any help


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Good thing you asked! I did a search for session_start and didn't find anything in the core:




Looking a bit closer and thinking back they do not use PHP sessions directly to save data, which makes sense because most things in PrestaShop are stored in the database, so they use a cookie instead. The cookie appears to be managed by classes/Cookie.php




To get an idea of how I would load the cookie / hook up with prestashop I found config.inc.php seemed to show it's usage:




There are some object dependencies though :(


At the end of the day it will come down to checking an MD5 hash that is in a cookie (which you can probably just get with $_COOKIE in your site). The code in PrestaShop that does this is not great, because it actually leaks your password/login credentials:



$sql = 'SELECT `id_customer`
  FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'customer`
  WHERE `id_customer` = '.$id_customer.'
  AND `passwd` = \''.$passwd.'\'';

So you can check the database the same way to see if the cookie is a logged in user hash or not. I really don't like how PrestaShop is doing this, since it can be used for replay attacks.


Please anyone correct me if anything I said is wrong!

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