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Getting newly added products to appear first in categories or sorting by newer to older.


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hi all, may be simple and i am missing it but i can't seem to figure out how to have the new products i add appear FIRST on the category view pages. 

for example, i just added a "gift voucher" to my shop and it has of course appeared at the END of all of the current products when i would have loved to have it appear at the BEGINNING. 

see http://www.fixgear.info/en/24-cycling-bandanas-unisex for example, the new product (gift voucher) is on page 3 and now i have to go to my BO and open that category and move it up manually by clicking the order arrows up 48 times, uuuuuugghhhh! and to make things worse, since this item is associated with ALL categories, i have to do the same for all of the categories to get it into the first product slot. crazy time-consuming, there must be a better way?

if not, is there a way to get the products sortable by date they were added, newer ones first? i have found this thread http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/192409-how-to-add-sort-option-new-to-old-in-search-on-product-pages/?hl=%2Bproduct+%2Bsort+%2Bnew+%2Bold&do=findComment&comment=1009714 but it is a bit abandoned. 






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I think you can just change the default order of the list in back office: Preferences->Products and then choose:

Default order by: Product Add Date/Product Modified Date,


Default Order method by: Descending.


That should do the trick.


BTW, to move a product's position in the category list,  you can instead of clicking 48 times on the arrows also drag the item to the new position.

Hover over the position arrows (the pointer changes to some 4 direction-arrows icon) and then click and hold the mouse down. Drag the item to its new position (you see the item 'push' itself between the items you are dragging over) when you reached the correct position in the list for this item, just release and its position will be renumbered accordingly.  

Much faster, right :-)



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