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All purchases above $120 are subject to NY tax 8.875%


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that's a strange requirement.  Usually for ecommerce, NY tax is based simply on delivery to a NY address, or if the ecommerce store has a brick and mortar (retail) store located in NY.


With that said, you would need to customize the store to ignore tax rules unless the cart total exceeds $120.  This is likely not a trivial task, and the solution will depend on what version of Prestashop you use.

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Some places tax clothing purchases only above a specific amount. Criteria is like this: TAX should be calculated if order amount is higher than 120$. if order amount is less than or equal to 120$, TAX will be ZERO. TAX Rate is 8.875%. Could you please guide me how can i implement above criteria in Prestashop? 

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In PS 1.5, looks like you can create a module that implements the tax calculator.  In the modules tax calculator, you would create your rule that would check the address, check the cart amount, and then either return a tax rate of 0 or 8.875%


If you are intent on creating this module or modification yourself, you will need to know how to create a basic module.  You can review the existing module called "vatnumber" that will give you the basic idea.


In that module, there is a file called VATNumberTaxManager.php.  This is the modules tax calculator that looks at the country and determines if it is exempt from VAT.  If it is exempt, then the tax rate of 0 is returned


If you are looking to hire a professional for the job, send me a PM and I can provide you with a quote

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