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Featured products on homepage - display products from number X forward


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On my dev page test.zaluno.si I have a big featured products slider, that shows first 4 products from Home category. Then I have another featured products slider with 8 products, but first four repeat from top slider.


Is it possible to set featured products module to display products from position number 5 to 13 and ignore first 4?


I tried searching the web but I do not even know where to start :)


Also - not as important but would help a lot - can I display 8 featured products in two rows instead of a slider with 2x4 products?

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Hi Zaluno,

Go to /modules/<your 2nd slider module name>/<your 2nd slider module name>.php


Sowewhere in the code,  you probably see a function getProducts(...)


It can either be Product::getProducts(...)

or $somecategory->getProducts or similar
If it is Product::getProducts, its definition is (in classes/product.php:
public static function getProducts($id_lang, $start, $limit, $order_by, $order_way, $id_category = false,
$only_active = false, Context $context = null)
Here $start indicates the amount of products that need to be skipped, so here you can change $start to  5 (N.B. or maybe 4, as it may start counting at 0..)
if it was $category->getProducts(...), its definition is (in classes/Category.php:)
public function getproducts($id_lang, $p, $n, $order_by = null, $order_way = null, $get_total = false, $active = true, $random = false, $random_number_products = 1, $check_access = true, Context $context = null)
Where $p is the 'page' and $n the 'number of items per page'
So here you could add 2,8 (it then skips the first 8 products. Skipping only four needs programming... (copy the function, and change the way it LIMITs the query result...)
My 2 cents,
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I have located this code based on your instructions:

public function getproducts($id_lang, $p, $n, $order_by = null, $order_way = null, $get_total = false, $active = true, $random = false, $random_number_products = 1, $check_access = true, Context $context = null)

Now I suppose I am screwed :) I have no programming knowledge. I was hoping this is just some number I can change, but I guess no cigar today ...


I will look into it when get more time to learn some of this stuff, thank you for your thorough answer!


If no better solution comes up, I will start looking for a different (free) module with Product::getProducts(...) version of the code.

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Hi Zaluno,


The code you found is the DEFINITION of the function. What we now need it the call of this function.


Do you know the name of the 2nd slider bar module?

Try to locate the module and hover (put) your mouse over the 'reset' link (DON'T PRESS!). At the bottom of your browser, you will then probably some text of where the link goes to. Look carefully in the text and you will see apart that says module_name=<modulename>&....


If you have found this:

Then, in de /modules folder, there should be a folder with the same module name. Go in there and there should be a file with the same name as the folder and extension .php


Open this file and see if you can find the call of the function getProducts.


If it gets too complicated, let me know. Maybe I can help, but then I need access to your back office and to your files.

Try first, and if it doesn't work out, report back and we can go to plan B...



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The module is homefeatured. The code around getProducts looks like this:


$category = new Category(Context::getContext()->shop->getCategory(), (int)Context::getContext()->language->id);
$nb = (int)(Configuration::get('HOME_FEATURED_NBR'));
$products = $category->getProducts((int)Context::getContext()->language->id, 1, ($nb ? $nb : 10));


'products' => $products,
'add_prod_display' => Configuration::get('PS_ATTRIBUTE_CATEGORY_DISPLAY'),
'homeSize' => Image::getSize(ImageType::getFormatedName('home')),

What now?

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the Category method getProducts have this line:(row 649 for  prestashop 1.5.6 in the file classes/category.php)

LIMIT '.(((int)$p - 1) * (int)$n).','.(int)$n; 


$p is the number you pass with the function getProducts(pascalvg suggest you to put 2)  .$n is the number you set in the BackOffice(8 for instance). 

so in this way you set a query that take rows from 8 to 16 ;) 

you should delete the "* (int)$n" but i don't know if other module call this function(you could have error somewhere else)

i suggest you to put a control in the homefeatured.tpl that show product with id different from those you use in the other feature slider. 

hope this help (sry for english i'm italian :P )

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  • 2 weeks later...

I made some modifications but apparently this issue is not so simple to tackle :) I will try with my developer if he knows how to solve this with help from your suggestions.


I will definitely get back to you with a solution if we solve this, thank you so far!

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