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Make Prestashop compatible with CloudFlare

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Hi there,

I and some other member here on the forum serve there static content with the help of a second domain through cloudflare. I only do that because I hope static content is served faster in e.g. US and Australia. As I am in asia atm I know in some countries my  website is faster without cloudflare. Don't ask me why but as many benchmarks show results of better performance I use it but only because I really target international customers. If you want to route all your traffic through cf you might try to access the backend through an excluded subdomain.

What I don't like about cf you will never know if there are false positives in the spam detection etc.pp. If there are even a few customers with problems you can loose money because of this and won't even know it.

I don't know atm how rail gun is working but from a logic point of view every customer who is putting something in his shopping cart has a unique dynamic website. The point is there might be cases that shopping carts are lost or another customer get's a wrong shopping cart or whatever. I don't know if this can happen or not but who want's to test this? That the backend is not working due to large cookie sizes already leaves a bad taste. How will you ever know if a visitor on your site will have problems too?

Don't get me wrong. I think CF is a cool service but I am not sure if I will give them the full control and trust over my ecommerce site. I've tested that a couple of years ago and it always felt like orders were dropping. Maybe just an coincidence but as said I can not risk loosing even one or two orders a day because there are issues I can not be aware of.


So if anyone followed my post so long ;) after reading a Post from DH24 abount performance optimisation, which on a side note I do not agreee 100% but anyway. I noticed a big performance boost of your 600 to 700 ms in response time when I disabled

Minify HTML and Keep inline JavaScript in HTML as original.


I would be very gratefull if someone else would check this so I am sure this might be worth a bug tracker report.

Best regards, Trip

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I have problem with CF my website is faster but elements on it are loading first whole site than white backround than one picture than whole site i realy dont know why>when i change my DNS servers to default servers not CF after some time all is working good.

This is link to my website http://glsell.com/

I know that this is some problem with pictures and media but i dont know how to solwe that.

Also i found module PrestaShop CloudFlare Manager does anybody have this and does this help,what kind of expirience do you have?

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