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  1. you understand but i dint is it possible that someone show step by step how to configure subdomain? Do i need to make subdomain in C-panel? Do i need to make subdomain like parked domain? I realy realy dont understand this and there is not one turtorial for this.
  2. My problem is same i have website and i want to enable english, when it is disabled and when i have only one leanguge it is going to my main http://artemisinin.rs When i enable second leanguge it goes to http://artemisinin.rs/sr I try htacces redirection but it is not working. i am using prestashop it is old but it has best stability an most of modules can be used on it. Ok what we need is someone who know to write code in PHP. Code tht he must write is in module blocklanguages file is blocklanguages.php It must be writen some excpetion from main leanguge in this case it is Serbian this will solwe problem. I am contacting few programers for this becouse like i see Prestashop dont want to give us this help. Seo score will drop a lot with this default leanguge doesnt need to be in some subfolder like it is in just one leanguge wen you use second this module starts to work.
  3. Dear Vekia there is also comunication on frensh and on that posts that we dont understand there was no problems and coment from administrator
  4. I think that it cant be done from htacces in mdole called block leanguges it must be writen exception in index.php file This is code for redirection
  5. I done this please solve this regional bug in your module, this country does not exist.These are separated countries 9 years.
  6. Also i must inform you that there is new state Kosovo, ‘XK’ country code for Kosovo . All that we need because in prestshop by default it has been updated an i think software77. Other countries are working normaly i use proxy IP for USA and curency has been changed from default EUR to USD. website artemisinin.rs
  7. I had problem with your module i install it but when i check my IP it has been writen curent country Serbia. In your module under Country Specific Settings I have found Serbia And Montenegro I have currency for now RSD and EUR but your module is not changing it. By default is EUR main curency. I think that there in module is problem with ex country Serbia and Montenegro leanguge and curency also country code. For customers from separated countries Serbia and second country Montenegro you must fix this bug that we can use your module. There is different country codes now for these two countries Serbia is RS and Montenegro is ME I think that module is not working for me becouse of that in software77 they fix this isue and corect IP. Kind regards
  8. On my Chrome all is working fine, try from another computer.
  9. I try to put products from my google chrome to cart and all is working good. Your search module is looking well now and i think that you figure out what was problem.
  10. Look all the time i prestashop some installed modules kill some module like you see i had almost same problem. Try to figure out what module in you header make this problems by disabling one by one. Thats first step. I solve my problem like that.
  11. yes all is working good just move your search button with css code and all is done your website looks nice and like i see it speed up littlebit when you solve this problem kind regards to all
  12. Ok i see it is working but try to fix search module and try to speed up your website with express cashe module. http://artemisinin.rs try to check
  13. Try to reinstall top modules and header modules that are used in frontoffice. In this case search and cart also google translator clear cashe and enable ajax of cart. you have deformation in your css of your search module some of modules is killing your cart module thats why it isnt working good.
  14. Your css of search is bad on my browser and ajax is not turned on
  15. Please send your website URL and did you try to reinstall module
  16. Yes i open that also i disable all modules in my prestashop BO. I install it but when i enable modules i had problem, module is not redirecting pages to new page it changes link but not redirecting exactly links. That is problem because i have lot of inbound links to my products for better SERP. Also maby it will make problems with my GOOgle ranking becouse i have few page on 1 place in google search results i dont know how will google look on new pages also MOZ and also MAJESTIC because whole link structure is targeting this pages. This is order number #275319 Customer service on presta addons is disaster! These two girls or just one block me after they finish their part of converastion with me,also they ban me eaven they didnt solve my problem. The will hardly be canged and in future my opinion will be not to buy anymore from prestashop addons. First time and last time.
  17. I order module Pretty URLs today and i was making complete installation like it was written in manual. Firstly when i ask customer support on https://addons.prestashop.com/ they two time ban me from customer chat. Also i was waiting 5 ours for download of module because they need to werify your payment. Now when i download module i see that it cant be installed i contacted customer support chat they ban me 2 times than they block me,I contacted customer support 2 times with email and two times i contacted deweloper of module no answer whole day also i call customer support number +44 .2 036.971.999 there is nobody to answer There is lot of people who use prestashop platform and it is good one.I bought lot of modules from lot of companies. First time i order something from prestashop addons and i think that this will be last time. I am big fan of prestashop and i have 3 active stores online but this is realy shame i use platform and if there is someone on this whole website who take care of customers please give me some solution for my problem.Thank you in andvance... in attachment is error mesage after atempt for installation
  18. I am using prestashop 1.5 my advice is to by module express cashe second thing is to bay JavaPro Performance next thin is clear your database with database optimatisation. Now dont use cashe option becouse you already have cashe module for better use of JAVA module test all options for best performance. I dont have to much products and my website is well optimised but with this 2 modules i made great results. Youcan check my website speed result also there is more space to improwe when i use css sprites,pictures are reduced.I find that mz cashe module when cashe is enabled slow my prestashop,disable cashe when you do this. In attachment you have performances,they are on serbian but you can figure out what is what. I hope that this will help someone My website for test
  19. I use this module on my website and it is working realz realz good.My customers are happy with it http://artemisinin.rs/
  20. I have problem when i hook this mdule to tab hook it shows facebook connection like this I need help from mypresta.eu how to make another hook that it will be shown on header like i was seen on product page.
  21. It is 100% with my browser,i clear cache disable plugins but it seams that same problem is present.
  22. On new wersion of firefox 29.0 chart is not workin,ajax or not ajax it is same.On all other versions it is working.I dont know why is thta but it will be problem in future.If someon have answer please post. This is my website and all is working on other wersions of firefox www.glsell.com
  23. It is great working there is just one thing all seting can be put on maximum just turn off Rocket Loader™ (Web optimization)this optioni si under CloudFlare settings,Performance settings.
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