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Japan Localization pack imported Issue

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Japan Localization pack imported Issue


after important . i cannot see states In Localization > States


i try few times ... currency, taxs all importated expect States 



any expect can help me


from japan customers cannot buy the goods using Paypal . paypal errors

PayPal response:TIMESTAMP -> 2013-11-02T09:12:09ZL_ERRORCODE0 -> 10729L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Shipping Address State EmptyL_LONGMESSAGE0 -> The field Shipping Address State is requiredL_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error



any expert can help me




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using 16014, I imported Japan localization pack.

it did import states.  If you have issue then you may need to add manually, that's a lot of work I know..


things you can check localization-->countries-->edit Japan, ensure 'use states is enabled'

check localization-->states-->filter on Japan, ensure states 1) there and 2) are enabled.



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