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  1. all categories shows : There is currently no products in this category http://i.share.pho.to/55564bb2_o.png http://i.share.pho.to/e0df14df_o.png all categories shows same like this
  2. this module i buy again in developer website .... Prestashop version 1.6 In my site working good try here smart-gsm.net
  3. Hi prestashop team How to add Side button . or left or right side example like this : http://www.gsmimagehost.com/images/2014/06/11/how_to_make_side_buttons.png 1. My Account 2. Check out 3. XXXXXXXX Anyone can help me about this
  4. Hi Prestashop team I got a Full Refund from prestashop. thanks for prestashop
  5. Thanks to Samyha to resolve my issue .. Thanks Prestashop Team .. I have Received a email from prestashop addon for Refund my Order ID Once refund done . please close this Thread
  6. I send Email to you my Order ID also Here i paste My Order ID in Addon site : #167005
  7. i buy this module on 11/26/2013 Paid for 1 Year update also .. But this module Now cannot find In addon website ... they remove this module ... Now PS version 1.6 ... The module Developer Website have updated version for 1.6 .. But prestashop addon have only V1.5 If addon site Do not want to Support this module anymore in addon site . why they dont refund the user money
  8. Module name : Additional Payment Fees & Discounts - Update option : 1-year update This is module now cannot find anymore from prestashop addon site So please give me refund which i paid for 1 year update if you removed modul . due to module Developer andd your addon site . its not our problem . atleast you make support Which user are alrady buyed ... New purchase must be shop if you have any problem with module developer or module
  9. this module not yet updated to I am too waiting for update
  10. my task done by maskca , best developer , good understading commucation http://www.prestashop.com/forums/user/709135-maskca/
  11. Hello prestashop experts Design must look like this and responsive: http://tinyurl.com/knf2dro , For ps version 1.5 an also work with 1.6 any one quote me best Resonable Price .
  12. Now The problem for me .. need to design the product css same as above i give example link in first post
  13. yes ... this module is good . but my current Site product design is not good . i want to design same as i give screenshot. but i do not want tabs . also i want to copy a modules . For example homefeatured > Shows selected Category 1 or Select many Products how many i want to show homefeatured2 > Shows selected Category 3 or Select many Products how many i want to show homefeatured3 > Shows selected Category 6 or Select many Products how many i want to show homefeatured4 > Shows selected Category 7 or Select many Products how many i want to show
  14. Hello prestashop experts I want homefeatured 3 copies . Each module need to show only Selected categiroes or Products Design must look like this : http://tinyurl.com/knf2dro , For ps version 1.5 an also work with 1.6 any one quote me best Resonable Price .
  15. Modify the product page In my existing theme responsive Here the Info : Orginal Product page in Another Website : link : http://tinyurl.com/oarohtp My website Product page currently responsive http://tinyurl.com/ohkxyxu I modified same Product in photoshop looks like from the copy above link Without customized text Feature: http://tinyurl.com/oxjhtdm With Customized Text Feature : http://tinyurl.com/nm76owa i want to make same like this similar . but not 100% copy same as that . Any experts who have experience with design and modifed . please quote me the price in pm
  16. Well... I try in test update.. Have issue create new products . Some functions are not.. Module page blank .. Better not to update on production site.. Do not want to make site in maintenance mode..
  17. Hello Prestashop users . i want to know How many Shop Sucessfully Upgrade 1.5.X to 1.6 ? It is working perfectly after upgradde from 1.5.X to 1.6 ? looking for user feedback ..
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