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Help with hookActionOrderStatusUpdate and hookActionPaymentConfirmation actions


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I'm making a module and am using hookActionOrderStatusUpdate and hookActionPaymentConfirmation actions. I have an external system that receives payment information, processes, saves and returns false if the submission fails or if the action fails for another reason.

I need the module interrupts the action of "Payment accepted" if the external system fails. I used return false, but action "Payment accepted" runs anyway.

How to program the module to interrupt the action or to change $ params information?



public function hookActionOrderStatusUpdate($params){
        global $smary, $cookie;

                $params['newOrderStatus'] = new OrderState(8, Context::getContext()->cookie->id_lang);
                return false;
            return true;
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In front office, you should use validation controller for your payment module to validate the payment.

To validate order, you should use validateOrder() function


actionOrderStatusUpdate is a Back Office Hook, called when an order's status is changed, right before it is actually changed.

actionPaymentConfirmation also a Back Office Hook, called when an order's status becomes "Payment accepted".

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