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Presta 1.5 migration problem


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Hello, need your valuable advice please guys.


I had a presta 1.5 eshop in my root category (rooteshop.com). I decided to make a sister site with different content to sell so I made 2 folders and to each I copied the files from the root (rooteshop.com/babyeshop/ & rooteshop.com/adulteshop/)


I did everything the manual and old topics mentioned but still have some issues thats why I open a new topic. Specifically:

- I copied all files to new folders

- duplicate the db for new store

- at Preferences->SEO & Urls I changed the ps directory

- recreated the htaccess file


Now I have problems to each eshop.

- when try to hit the rooteshop.com/adulteshop/ it gets me back to rooteshop.com

While when hitting the admin panel I have no issues or either url like rooteshop.com/adulteshop/mycategory

- I also have some 404 errors when try to access pages like "my account", "cart" etc but all products that come from the db are shown as they should


Any clue why is that?




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It should be a little redirection problem.


  • SEO & URL config, in field repertory, just put /adulteshop/ and on domain "rooteshop.com".
  • Disable SEO friendly URL for now
  • Regenerate htaccess
  • Clear smarty and browser cache

Could you try this

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Thanks it works!


But I still have 2 problems:

1. all images that do not come from db dont show up... I guess that a path problem with my template files

2. pages like /authentication?back=my-account.php give me a 404 error

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