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  1. Hello to all, I would need some advice. I have a prestashop in 1.4.3 version. In want to clone this eshop but to latest version. I plan to install the latest version to a new domain and then just copy the catalog (all products & categories) there. Template is not an issue, only moving the catalog. My questions: 1) is the 1.4.3 database compatible with 1.6? I mean can I just copy it via PHPMyAdmin? 2) is there a tool/plugin to do this on the fly? 3) I need to also copy product attributes and images, is it possible? 4) any advice based on your experience in similar issue? Thank you!
  2. Thanks a lot PrestaNinja! That works! You are a ninja indeed
  3. The images problem was the path as I thought... fixed it The other problem remains. Products and categories are shown right but pages like cart or static pages give a 404 error Check it out yourself at: http://www.aiora-amazonas.gr/aiores/
  4. Thanks it works! But I still have 2 problems: 1. all images that do not come from db dont show up... I guess that a path problem with my template files 2. pages like /authentication?back=my-account.php give me a 404 error
  5. ΙA small correction, the presta is 1.4.3 version... I dont know how this effects the problem but I have to say it
  6. Hello, need your valuable advice please guys. I had a presta 1.5 eshop in my root category (rooteshop.com). I decided to make a sister site with different content to sell so I made 2 folders and to each I copied the files from the root (rooteshop.com/babyeshop/ & rooteshop.com/adulteshop/) I did everything the manual and old topics mentioned but still have some issues thats why I open a new topic. Specifically: - I copied all files to new folders - duplicate the db for new store - at Preferences->SEO & Urls I changed the ps directory - recreated the htaccess file Now I have problems to each eshop. - when try to hit the rooteshop.com/adulteshop/ it gets me back to rooteshop.com While when hitting the admin panel I have no issues or either url like rooteshop.com/adulteshop/mycategory - I also have some 404 errors when try to access pages like "my account", "cart" etc but all products that come from the db are shown as they should Any clue why is that? Thanks George
  7. I wish I could Sharif854... thanks for volunteering
  8. And also when trying to make a new category, I cant see name or photos in panel only --- instead of name it is created but not seen... any help guys its kind of emergency
  9. I changed it because in the old one I had all products, pages etc.. I did not have to re-enter them to the new one Yes it works in the front as said but in the panel I see --- instead of names and the demo categories as ipads etc which should not be there EDIT also note that I cant see the images in the panel... example in a product at the admin panelI see the title: 2. Images (3) but I cant see them in this tab. In the site the images are there correct. EDIT 2 define('_RIJNDAEL_KEY_', 's2Fhvw5teUoQ7f4V37m8G20qdFpVeftn'); define('_RIJNDAEL_IV_', 'yzGJ30ZgBjMLG8kBliszCA=='); what are these fields? maybe should not be the same?
  10. Any clue guys? It's so weird, the menu gets the categories correct but the admin panel not. Maybe I need to change something in the config?
  11. I had my presta setup and working just fine. My ftp was hacked and all the files were erased. I had backup for only the template and the database. I reuploaded the files and install a new presta (same version, same files). Then in the configuration I changed the new db name with the old. Everything works just fine except the categories. In my menu I can see them but in my admin panel I see the demo categories. Products under them have no problem as it seems. Any help? Why is that?
  12. Hello, I am using 1.4.3 version for my site aiora-amazonas.gr Only in chrome I am getting the message that malicious software from the site gaoanalitics.info is found. I googled this site and seems to use this kind of software but for android mobiles only. Anyone with this problem too?
  13. SOLVED I had small price ranges thanks for your help and messages
  14. Ναι φίλε μου, τελικά το λάθος ήταν ότι είχα ορίσει μικρές τιμές.. ευχαριστώ
  15. Mike, I have 2 carriers. One is free and the other one has the configuration of the attached image and a fee of 7 euro. At the backend I can see the one is free and the other not but when comes to order step they both appear free!
  16. http://aiora-amazonas.gr/ You can see the carrier conf in the atached image below
  17. Hello I have the folowing problem with my prestashop. The customer can take the product with 2 ways. One is to pick it up from the store (free) and the second is to get it home with a carrier service(7 euro). I have these options configured but I cant get the 7 euro of the second option added to the basket. Both are configured through shipping tab of the panel. The carrier is not free and I have configured it to 7 euro but it is shown as free delivery method to the order procedure. I would give you a link but it is a Greek site and you wont understand. Is it anything I missed? Should not everything be configured through the shipping tab?
  18. Παιδιά έχω 2 τρόπους αποστολής, παραλαβή από το μαγαζί (δωρεάν) και αποστολή στην διεύθυνση μου (7 ευρώ). Το πρόβλημα είναι ότι ενώ έχω βάλει την αποστολή προς διεύθυνση fee 7 ευρώ αυτή επιμένει να εμφανίζεται ως δωρεάν κατά την διαδικασία της παραγγελίας. Επισυνάπτω 2 εικόνες από καλάθι και ρυθμίσεις.
  19. Yep that was it. I used the {title_name} iν subjects except titles and that caused the problem. Thanks to both of you for your answers. Moderators can change this to SOLVED
  20. I have just noticed that I use {shop_name} variable in subject. Could it be it. I will change it and update.
  21. The email is sent and customer can see it right. The problem is at the site.
  22. Could the problem be caused due to the Greek language I use in the email templates?
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