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[Module] Need Testers for Anypay v0.1 Beta


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Hello fellow Prestashop developers!




I have had the privilege of working with Prestashop for a very long time, and originally developed the Offline Creditcard Payment Module.


In an effort to provide as useful a payment module as possible, we have begun to develop a payment module that we dubbed "Anypay". This module is offered by the development group Pursuant Solutions ( http://pursuantsolutions.com  )





Anypay v0.1 Beta allows shop owners to define any combination of fields to collect during the checkout process. This can be set up to mirror the old functionality of the Offline Creditcard Payment Module, but it can also be used to collect whatever information you need... A Bank Account Number... a Purchase Order Number... anything you can think of! Any combination of the following field types can be collected during the checkout process and are available in the back office for later processing.

  • Text (or number)
  • Fieldset
  • Date
  • Masked Textbox
  • HTML Tag
  • Group
  • [spam-filter]
  • Creditcard Number
  • Creditcard Issuer

The intent is to offer as many field types as possible, in separate, easy to modify field classes.


Currently the only payment processor that is available is storage of the data in the database... but because the processor is also an easy to modify separate class, it could be adapted to be anything as well. (Send an email, process against a payment gateway, add an entry to an external billing system...)



Testers! Are you a Prestashop developer that would like to be involved in this project? Here's what you need to do...

Simply head over to http://pursuantsolutions.com/product/anypay-v01-public-beta-release and follow the simple free checkout process. You will need to register an email address, but this is simply to allow account management and support ticket management on our site and will not be used for any other purposes.


You will be able to download the zip file and install it on your dev site and report any bugs or feature requests at http://pursuantsolutions.com/ticket/add !



Anyone who assists in the testing of this module by submitting test results, bug reports, or feature requests will be given a free download of the module once it is production ready, to use as they see fit. It's that simple!


Thanks for your help,

Prestashop On!


-- Kevin Klika

Lead Developer

Pursuant Solutions

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You mention that the 'shop owner' can collect "all kinds of info", like account number, credit card info etc.

Do you, and if so, how do you guarantee that the shop owners are PCI compliant? (http://www.pcicomplianceguide.org/pcifaqs.php)


 “What does a small-to-medium sized business (Level 4 merchant) have to do in order to satisfy the PCI requirements?


Seems to me that most small merchants have no idea about PCI compliancy, and may use this module without thinking about this. So how do you make sure no disasters are in the making here?


Just my thoughts,


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Hi Pascal,


That is a good question. If necessary, we can add a notification regarding PCI compliance both on our website and within the module itself.


For background, the "Offline Creditcard Module" has been around since 2008 and has historically had a notification in the back office that reads: "No guarantees of data safety or reliability are expressed or implied, use according to your merchant agreement only. " and "Warning: Some issuers prohibit storing CVC / [spam-filter] numbers on your server. It can be a breach of PCI compliance. Only select this if you know that it does not breach your contract, and you know the implications of such a breach."


In the end, almost all Prestashop installations will not be (anywhere near) PCI compliant. This module was created in such a way that it can be used to collect ANY data... if that data REQUIRES PCI complaince, as Credit Card information does, it is on the shop owner to determine that their system meets the requirements.


We will take suggestions here -- that's exactly what this post is for.



-Kevin Klika

Lead Developer

Pursuant Solutions

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