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[Solved] - Couple of errors with RC2

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First when I finish instalation,


Whe I log into the back office I get no tabs or anything, so in admin/index.php I added a line:


as I presumed this is still missing,

when I added this, I get it to look right,

However when I go to the back office and select any tab, I get:

Tab does not exist


Any ideas? Also merry christmas and thanks for the release on Christmas day!

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Ok I managed to fix this:


I used win merge to check the difference between the last error free instation and this new install.


On line 61 in admin/index.php

echo '<div class="path_bar"><img src="../img/admin/prefs.gif" style="margin-right:10px"><a href="?">'.lindex('Back office).'</a>';

replaced with:

echo '<div class="path_bar"><img src="../img/admin/prefs.gif" style="margin-right:10px"><a href="?">'.lindex('Administration panel').'</a>';


Atleast that is sorted out. Now I can start playing again :D

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Hi zeratool


what i did is to replace all instances of "include" into "require".

Seems like in this php version, include is deprecated.


The php require function is exactly the same as include(), except that if the inclusion failed, it provokes a fatal error as opposed to a simple (nonfatal) warning for include().


So your problem is very unusual. ???

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