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  1. I wish I could stay longer and visit other regions however I'll stick to Bali/Lombok for this first trip If you want to fly in to say Hi, it seems there are 5-6 direct flights per day between Bandung and Denpasar for about 500.000 IDR and a 1hr30 flight. Best,
  2. Hi everyone I'll be visiting Bali/Lombok for a few weeks this July and would love to meet with the community! Anyone who'd be interested in organizing a meetup or even just grabbing a coffee? please feel free to send me a PM. See you soon, -Bruno
  3. Good morning everyone, Enjoy the meetup today, I am sure it will be successful ;-) I mentioned it yesterday during the keynote (on the slide w/ the other meetups that took place since the beginning of the year), not sure how many people will fly to Buenos Aires following my announcement but at least it was fun! Regards, -Bruno
  4. Hey, Usually this error message is due to a PHP error that occurred during the upgrade process. I would suggest that you follow these steps to identify the error: - Make sure display_errors is turned off in your PHP configuration. Sometimes a module would generate a warning message during the upgrade and "break" the JSON string sent from the PrestaShop's 1-click upgrade module. This would result in the message you got. - If the previous tip did not work, then do the opposite, turn on PHP display_errors and open the "Console" in your web browser (usually by pressing F12). Click on "Network" and "XHR" (if you use Google Chrome) and click on the latest URL opened, you should see the PHP error that led to the error message you got. Alternatively, you can also ask your hosting provider to turn on PHP log_errors and then look at the PHP error logs on your server. I hope this helps
  5. Hey, Thank you for your feedback, please do not remove this file, it's actually here to improve security. This .htaccess directive is here to prevent anyone from running a PHP script in that folder. However after researching, it appears that it may generate some sides effects. Please can you try to replace the content of this .htaccess by the following: <IfModule mod_php5.c> # Turn the PHP engine off php_flag engine off </IfModule> Let us know if this helps, else we will be glad to assist you. It would also be interesting to know which hosting provider you have. Regards,
  6. I understand, if you really can't perform the upgrade then using an external tool might be the best solution.
  7. Good morning, Thank you for your feedback, so far we are not aware of similar issues with BlueHost. I will send you a private message to assist you in resolving this issue. Regards,
  8. Hey Ioana, Are you sure that the free shipping is related to this cart rule? it might be related to the products in the shopping cart or to the settings in your Carrier's configuration. Please can you share with us a screenshot of this cart rule backend page? Regards,
  9. Hey Tashkas, Unfortunately you can't simply re-import these fields, you would also need to transfer the other objects related to these orders: - Customers - Addresses - Order details - Order Tax details - Shopping carts The best way to perform this operation is to upgrade your previous v1.4.x store to v1.5.x (using the 1-click upgrade module). You can also use other tools such as PrestaShop Store Manager (paid software).
  10. Sure Step 1: Log-in to your Back-office and go to "Catalog > Products" Step 2: Edit the product for which you would like to set up an additional shipping cost Step 3: Click on the "Shipping" sub-tab and fill the "Additional shipping cost (per quantity):" field Here is a screenshot: Tip: Some merchants set all the shipping costs to $0 and are only using this feature to handle their shipping costs
  11. Good afternoon Marty, I hope you are doing well, thank you for your suggestion At this time with PrestaShop you can: Configure your shipping calcultations by price ranges Configure your shipping calcultations by weight ranges Configure your shipping calcultations per product quantity (e.g. $X * Y quantities of a specific product) Set the W x L x D of a product (some carriers modules are using this to calculate the volume and determine the price) Use a fixed cost or calculate the cost using UPS, USPS or FedEx API At this time, we do not plan to introduce a new way of calculating the shipping cost (like the progressive discount offered by skorupa) however feel free to use skorupa's code or to override the Cart.php class. You can more specifically override the getOrderShippingCost() and getPackageShippingCost() methods to build your own custom calculation system Regards,
  12. Fixed More details here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/251217-resolved-update-currency-rates-via-prestashop-not-working-products-prices-set-to-0-zero/
  13. Good evening everyone, First of all thank you for your feedback and responsiveness I just fixed it, it seems that there was a temporary glitch with the bank we are relying on to retrieve the real-time currencies rates. The file is now up-to-date and complete: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <currencies> <source iso_code="EUR"/> <list> <currency iso_code="AFN" rate="71.875"/> <currency iso_code="ALL" rate="140.88"/> <currency iso_code="DZD" rate="103.3"/> <currency iso_code="ADP" rate="166.38"/> <currency iso_code="ARS" rate="6.8517"/> <currency iso_code="AMD" rate="541.98"/> <currency iso_code="AWG" rate="2.3248"/> <currency iso_code="AUD" rate="1.3501"/> <currency iso_code="BSD" rate="1.2988"/> <currency iso_code="BHD" rate="0.4896"/> <currency iso_code="BDT" rate="100.66"/> <currency iso_code="BBD" rate="2.5976"/> <currency iso_code="BYR" rate="11293"/> <currency iso_code="BZD" rate="2.6106"/> <currency iso_code="BMD" rate="1.2988"/> <currency iso_code="BTN" rate="73.219"/> <currency iso_code="BOB" rate="8.9746"/> <currency iso_code="BWP" rate="11.2"/> <currency iso_code="BRL" rate="2.7412"/> <currency iso_code="GBP" rate="0.8568"/> <currency iso_code="BND" rate="1.6449"/> <currency iso_code="BGN" rate="1.9558"/> <currency iso_code="BIF" rate="2020.9"/> <currency iso_code="CAD" rate="1.3464"/> <currency iso_code="CVE" rate="110.68"/> <currency iso_code="KYD" rate="1.065"/> <currency iso_code="CLP" rate="638.61"/> <currency iso_code="CNY" rate="7.9635"/> <currency iso_code="COP" rate="2457.8"/> <currency iso_code="KMF" rate="493.27"/> <currency iso_code="CRC" rate="649.62"/> <currency iso_code="HRK" rate="7.562"/> <currency iso_code="CUP" rate="1.2988"/> <currency iso_code="CYP" rate="0.5869"/> <currency iso_code="CZK" rate="25.775"/> <currency iso_code="DKK" rate="7.4544"/> <currency iso_code="DJF" rate="230.82"/> <currency iso_code="DOP" rate="53.516"/> <currency iso_code="XCD" rate="3.5067"/> <currency iso_code="ECS" rate="32470"/> <currency iso_code="EGP" rate="9.0707"/> <currency iso_code="SVC" rate="11.361"/> <currency iso_code="EEK" rate="15.646"/> <currency iso_code="ETB" rate="24.238"/> <currency iso_code="EUR" rate="1"/> <currency iso_code="FJD" rate="2.391"/> <currency iso_code="XAF" rate="657.65"/> <currency iso_code="XPF" rate="119.65"/> <currency iso_code="GMD" rate="44.003"/> <currency iso_code="GEL" rate="2.1326"/> <currency iso_code="GHS" rate="2.5917"/> <currency iso_code="GIP" rate="0.8568"/> <currency iso_code="XAU" rate="0.0009"/> <currency iso_code="GTQ" rate="10.13"/> <currency iso_code="GNF" rate="9260.3"/> <currency iso_code="GYD" rate="276.04"/> <currency iso_code="HTG" rate="55.196"/> <currency iso_code="HNL" rate="26.326"/> <currency iso_code="HKD" rate="10.084"/> <currency iso_code="HUF" rate="293.54"/> <currency iso_code="ISK" rate="159.62"/> <currency iso_code="INR" rate="73.219"/> <currency iso_code="IDR" rate="12738"/> <currency iso_code="IRR" rate="15947"/> <currency iso_code="IQD" rate="1509.3"/> <currency iso_code="ILS" rate="4.7928"/> <currency iso_code="JMD" rate="128.16"/> <currency iso_code="JPY" rate="131.54"/> <currency iso_code="JOD" rate="0.9204"/> <currency iso_code="KHR" rate="5279.5"/> <currency iso_code="KZT" rate="196.47"/> <currency iso_code="KES" rate="110.43"/> <currency iso_code="KWD" rate="0.3716"/> <currency iso_code="KGS" rate="62.587"/> <currency iso_code="LAK" rate="9986.4"/> <currency iso_code="LVL" rate="0.7015"/> <currency iso_code="LBP" rate="1965.1"/> <currency iso_code="LSL" rate="12.988"/> <currency iso_code="LRD" rate="96.123"/> <currency iso_code="LYD" rate="1.6737"/> <currency iso_code="LTL" rate="3.4528"/> <currency iso_code="MOP" rate="10.386"/> <currency iso_code="MGA" rate="2872.3"/> <currency iso_code="MWK" rate="428.6"/> <currency iso_code="MYR" rate="3.9899"/> <currency iso_code="MVR" rate="20.001"/> <currency iso_code="MTL" rate="0.4293"/> <currency iso_code="MRO" rate="387.69"/> <currency iso_code="MUR" rate="40.587"/> <currency iso_code="MXN" rate="16.605"/> <currency iso_code="MDL" rate="16.264"/> <currency iso_code="MNT" rate="1868.9"/> <currency iso_code="MAD" rate="11.127"/> <currency iso_code="MMK" rate="1226"/> <currency iso_code="NPR" rate="116.88"/> <currency iso_code="ANG" rate="2.3248"/> <currency iso_code="NZD" rate="1.6161"/> <currency iso_code="NIC" rate="31.722"/> <currency iso_code="NGN" rate="205.64"/> <currency iso_code="NOK" rate="7.6218"/> <currency iso_code="OMR" rate="0.5"/> <currency iso_code="PKR" rate="127.97"/> <currency iso_code="PAB" rate="1.2988"/> <currency iso_code="PGK" rate="2.7982"/> <currency iso_code="PYG" rate="5513.3"/> <currency iso_code="PEN" rate="3.4983"/> <currency iso_code="PHP" rate="54.919"/> <currency iso_code="XPT" rate="0.0009"/> <currency iso_code="PLN" rate="4.2684"/> <currency iso_code="QAR" rate="4.7291"/> <currency iso_code="RON" rate="4.3486"/> <currency iso_code="RUB" rate="41.177"/> <currency iso_code="RWF" rate="847.5"/> <currency iso_code="STD" rate="24498"/> <currency iso_code="SAR" rate="4.8707"/> <currency iso_code="RSD" rate="111.91"/> <currency iso_code="SCR" rate="15.327"/> <currency iso_code="SLL" rate="5616.9"/> <currency iso_code="XAG" rate="0.057"/> <currency iso_code="SGD" rate="1.642"/> <currency iso_code="SKK" rate="30.124"/> <currency iso_code="SBD" rate="9.4422"/> <currency iso_code="SOS" rate="1889.7"/> <currency iso_code="ZAR" rate="12.987"/> <currency iso_code="KRW" rate="1464.3"/> <currency iso_code="LKR" rate="164.3"/> <currency iso_code="SDD" rate="573.41"/> <currency iso_code="SRD" rate="4.286"/> <currency iso_code="SZL" rate="12.988"/> <currency iso_code="SEK" rate="8.5763"/> <currency iso_code="CHF" rate="1.2467"/> <currency iso_code="SYP" rate="126.5"/> <currency iso_code="TWD" rate="38.945"/> <currency iso_code="TZS" rate="2119.6"/> <currency iso_code="THB" rate="39.213"/> <currency iso_code="TTD" rate="8.3382"/> <currency iso_code="TND" rate="2.1559"/> <currency iso_code="TRY" rate="2.4346"/> <currency iso_code="AED" rate="4.7704"/> <currency iso_code="USD" rate="1.2988"/> <currency iso_code="UGX" rate="3370.5"/> <currency iso_code="UAH" rate="10.579"/> <currency iso_code="UYU" rate="26.054"/> <currency iso_code="UZS" rate="2703.5"/> <currency iso_code="VUV" rate="125.85"/> <currency iso_code="VEF" rate="8.1721"/> <currency iso_code="VND" rate="27285"/> <currency iso_code="ZMW" rate="6.9225"/> </list> </currencies> Please feel free to try again on your end. In the next coming days we will add a automated check on this file to make sure it does not happen again. Regards,
  14. Visiblement tu as mal lu :-) La version que tu as testé n'est pas multi-boutiques, le fonctionnement est donc celui attendu.
  15. Bonjour à tous, Bonne nouvelle, nous avons bien avancé cette semaine sur ce module ! Au programme : - Correction des bugs mentionnés par Gregory - Correction d'autres bugs qui n'avaient pas été décelés auparavant - Correction de fonctions coeurs qui posaient problème pour le bon fonctionnement du module - Ajout du support du multi-boutiques Pour avoir un module parfaitement fonctionnel, il faudra upgrader en dernière version 1.5.x ou reprendre les corrections coeur de la classe Tools.php. Nous allons faire plusieurs tests dans les jours qui viennent avant de publier cette nouvelle version sur Github. Est-ce que certains d'entre vous sont intéressés par le recevoir en amont afin de jouer les beta-testeurs ? Bon week-end!
  16. Hello, En même temps tu n'as pas posté de screenshots :-) Il y a pas mal de services d'upload d'images gratuits sur le net, utilises celui qui te plaira ou poste le screen ici. De mon côté j'ai retenté à l'instant en 1.5.x et ça marche, donc sûrement un souci de compréhension, une capture aiderait beaucoup ++
  17. Hey, Thank you for your feedback. I experienced the very same issue a few weeks ago on the same version. The issue was related to the cookie, not properly retrieved by the web-browser. We tried on different hosting provider and it resolved the issue. However, to get it fixed with the first provider, we had to hardcode the credentials in the PHP script instead of retrieving them from the cookie. File: /controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php Function: ajaxProcessLogOnAddonsWebservices() Replace: $this->context->cookie->username_addons = pSQL(trim(Tools::getValue('username_addons'))); $this->context->cookie->password_addons = pSQL(trim(Tools::getValue('password_addons'))); By $this->context->cookie->username_addons = '[email protected]'; $this->context->cookie->password_addons = 'mypassword'; I hope this will help you. In the meantime can you open a bug report on the PrestaShop Forge (http://forge.prestashop.com) regarding this issue? Regards,
  18. Hi What do you mean by "synchronization directory", which software are you using? Regards,
  19. Longue vie à notre ami Zendik, qui comme on peut le constater dans ce topic a contribué de façon croissante au bien-être de la communauté ! Pour ma part, des bons souvenirs en mémoire :-) notamment : - Notre rencontre a Paris en Mai/Juin 2009 - Les ravioles de Tain - Le chocolat Valrhona... (que l'on trouve aussi ici chez Trade's Joe) - Tain l’hermitage sous la neige et la rédaction de notre première doc utilisateur ensemble - La gare SCNF de Valence D'autres moments moins drôles : membres qui s’écharpent ou encore spammeurs qui nous pourrissent la vie... mais toujours géré avec beaucoup de sang froid par Patric Je conclurai en disant que comme beaucoup, Patric s'est découvert une nouvelle passion; mais à la différence de nombreux d'entre nous, il a fait le choix de la vivre à fond dès maintenant (et pas dans 20 ans !), je ne peux que l'encourager dans ce sens. Merci encore et à bientôt pour la suite de tes aventures j’espère !
  20. Hey, Thank you for your feedback, I just experienced the same error with a store hosted by NameCheap. I resolved it by downgrading to PHP 5.2, adding the following code snippet in the .htaccess: AddHandler application/x-httpd-php52 .php We will find a proper way to resolve it before v1.5.4, a report was also posted here (and will be re-opened + fixed): http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFV-7521 Regards,
  21. Bonjour, Merci pour ces informations, d'autres marchands rencontrent-ils des problèmes différents ? J'ai cru comprendre qu'il y avait une incompatibilité ou des soucis liés au One Page checkout, quelqu'un peut-il confirmer sur la version 2.7.2 ? Merci
  22. Hey Adi, I hope you are doing well, thank you for your feedback. It seems that you already checked all the usual reasons of this behavior. There must be a reason, are you using any kind of override? Example: you are trying to modify /modules/mymodule/test.tpl whereas the tpl in use is /themes/mytheme/modules/mymodule/test.tpl If it's not the case, there must be another reason, please send me a PM with your credentials and an example of .tpl for which you don't see any change. Regards,
  23. Bonjour, Tu peux regarder dans la table ps_configuration et chercher la valeur "PS_INSTALL_VERSION" dans la colonne "name" ++
  24. Bonjour à tous, Merci pour vos messages et vos feedbacks, très utiles afin d'améliorer ce module J'aimerais proposer à la communauté une nouvelle version de ce module, corrigeant les derniers soucis rencontrés. Pour cela, pouvez-vous : 1. Installer la dernière version du module (v2.7.2 à ce jour) : http://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-logistics-delivery-prestashop-modules/1745-so-colissimo.html 2. Vérifier que le problème que vous aviez mentionné est toujours présent et faire une ou des captures d'écran 3. Créer sur la forge en ticket en ce sens, dans la catégorie "Modules" http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PNM Merci de bien préciser votre version de PrestaShop et l'URL de votre boutique, ainsi que tout détail pouvant aider à la résolution de l'incident. Un maximum de captures d'écran permettent également d'identifier plus rapidement la source des problèmes. 4. Poster ici-même le numéro de votre ticket et l'intitulé du bug De mon côté, je ferai tout pour accélérer les choses et vous fournir des dates quand à la résolution de ces tickets. Ps : Il n'est pas prévu à ce stade de supporter une version antérieure à la pour ce module Bonne soirée à tous
  25. Hi, The module can easily be translated into French (Back-office, Translations and then "Modules translations"). Regarding the redirect, you would have to modify the module's code and unless you are a developer it would take a while. You did not tell me if you bought this module on PrestaShop Addons? If so, please send me your order number. Regards,
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