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Advanced Shipping Question


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Does anyone know of a module that will allow me to do the following with Prestashop?


Say I have two products, A & B.


Product A has a shipping price of £10
Product B has a shipping price of £6



I want to charge the customer the highest single shipping price per order.


So if a customer orders product A, they pay £10. 

If a customer orders both products, they pay £10.

If a customer orders 2x product A, they pay £10.

If a customer orders 3x product B, they pay £6.


They simply pay the highest shipping charge of any products they have in there cart.

Thanks for any help you can bring :)


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You could do it, when mis-using the weight of the products:

say all products of group A ($10) you make 1000g each

say all products of group B ($6) you make 1gr each


Make a carrier with price according to weight:

step 1: 0-1.000kg 6$    (N.B. the end value of 1.000 is EXCLUSIVE, so values 0 up util 0.999 kg are 6$)

step 2: 1.000-10000kg 10$   N.B. Begin value of step 2 is INCLUSIVE, so values 1.000 up to 10000 kg are 10$)


This will then work as follows:

When they order 1,2,3,...999 items of only B, it stays under the 1kg, so it charges 6$

whenever there is at least 1 product of A, it is 1kg or more, so it charges 10$. It then doesn't matter is there are also items B, as it is already 1kg or more.



Hope this helps,


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Hi Pascal,


I have a similar problem to that... 


I sell Greeting Cards (lets say Category A) for $4.95 and candles (lets say Category B) of say $8 but also other items (Category C) that don't weigh as much as candles but are bigger in size.


My problem thus is....


I can ship 10 cards to a value of $50 for only $1.50 

but 1-4 candles would cost me $6.50 to ship.

similarly to that some other products might be 1 or 2 items will cost only $6.50 to ship.


How do i get prestashop to select $1.50 shipping fee for up to 10x category A

Select 6.50 shipping for 4 x Category B

Select 6.50 shipping for 2 x Category C


is there any solution for this.

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Hi Pascal, 


Thanks for replying.  


More than 10x Category A will still be $1.50 flat rate


If more that 4 of B or more than 2 of C are ordered ( or a combination of 4B and 2C) are ordered we will charge a flat rate of $10 shipping irrespective of the size then of the order (or multiples of orders).


I hope that makes sense?  


it's just important that I can allocate $1.50 for any amount in category A.


$6.50 for up to the value of 4x Category B and 2x Category C


any order above those values will then be $10 to ship


Thanks again for your help

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What do you think about this:

Summary of assumptions:
Only Category A (Cards) any amount - - - - - - -> $1.50
Only Category B (Candles) 1 up until 4 pcs - - - > $6.50
Only Category C(Diverse) 1 up until 2 pcs - - - - > $6.50

"Grey area"
If 1xB AND 1xC ->6.50
If 2xB AND 1xC ->6.50
if 3xB AND 1xC ->6.50
If 4xB AND 2xC ->6.50 
If 1xB AND 2xC ->6.50
If 2xB AND 2xC ->6.50
if 3xB AND 2xC ->6.50
If 4xB AND 2xC ->6.50 

If More than 4xB OR More than 2xC ->$10
Examples for this:
If 5xB AND 1xC = 10$
if 2xB AND 3xC = 10$

Try out of solution:
A (cards) in any amount, so their weight doesn't matter, are $1.50. 
So we make them 0 gram, and step 1 of our table starts with 0.000kg - xxxxkg = 1.50

The grey area is here the problem:
Lets try this:
A = 0kg
B= 0.500kg:
C= 200kg

Then our steps look like this: 
step 1 : 0.000 -> 0.500kg = $1.50
Step 2 : 0.500kg -> 2.001kg = %6.50   (B max 4, 0xC)
Step 3: 2.001kg->200.000kg = 10$ (Bx5 or more, 0xC)
Step 4: 200.000kg - 202.001kg = $6.50 (B max 4, 1xC)   <-- trick! Go back in price
Step 5:202.001kg - 400.000kg = $10 (Bx5 or more, 1xC)
Step 6: 400.000kg - 402.001kg = 6.50 (B max 4, 2xC)    <-- trick! Go back in price
Step 7: 402.001kg - 90000kg = $10 (B more than 4, OR C more than 2 OR Both)

Example 1:
500xA, 3xB, 1xC
500x0gr + 3x0.500kg + 1x200kg = 201.500kg = step 4 = $6.50 OK

Example 2:
1500xA, 10xB, 0xC
1500x0gr + 10x0.500kg + 0x200kg = 5.000kg = step 3 = $10 OK

When does it go wrong:
If more than 400xB is ordered and not more than 2xC: 
401xB + 1xC = 200.500kg + 200kg = 400.500kg = Step 6 = $6.50, not 10$.

(I assume you can take the loss, when selling over 400 candles :-)  ) 

(N.B. If you think you sell more than 400 candles, we CAN adjust it still a little to say 600 candles or 800 candles or so. Let me know if more than 400xB realistic.)

I haven't tried it out, but assume it will work. Don't believe Prestashop requires prices going up only. Only weight needs to go up...


Hope this does the trick! Let us know...


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  • 3 years later...

First i whant to wish all on PS " Happy New Year ".

I have a store with mulltiple shipping cost.

A, 1500 products  - 69:-

B, 1500 products - 200:-
C, 1500 products - 595:-

And when they order A I whant the shipping is 69:-
And if they order A,B the shipping is 200:-
And if they order A,B,C the shipping is 595:-

In carriers i add :
0.000000 - 1.000000 = 69:-
1.000000 - 10000.000000 = 200:-
10000.000000 - 100000.000000 = 595 :-

Then the products that have 69 i add the shipping ( 0.001000 )
Then the products that have 200 i add the shipping ( 1.000000 )
Then the products that have 595 i add the shipping ( 10000.000000 )

I hope a have make this right, And if this is wrong, i hope someone can help me.

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