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0.9.1 stopped at step 2?

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Does your server meet the requirements. Step 2 checks your system configuration and will not let you continue until either its demands are met or you hack the installer to allow you to continue regardless of any errors which is what I did to get past the fopen requirement which Dreamhost do not allow.

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Here's the console output, does appear to be a problem with fopen, still not sure of apache version, will email my host.





<testList id="required">


<test id="phpversion" result="ok"/>


<test id="upload" result="fail"/>


<test id="fopen" result="fail"/>


<test id="system" result="fail"/>


<test id="gd" result="ok"/>


<test id="mysql_support" result="ok"/>


<test id="config_dir" result="ok"/>


<test id="tools_dir" result="ok"/>


<test id="img_dir" result="ok"/>


<test id="mails_dir" result="ok"/>


<test id="module_dir" result="ok"/>


<test id="theme_lang_dir" result="ok"/>


<test id="translations_dir" result="ok"/>




<testList id="optional">


<test id="register_globals" result="ok"/>


<test id="gz" result="ok"/>


<test id="root_dir" result="ok"/>


<test id="admin_dir" result="ok"/>






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