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Prestashop keeps chrashing XAMPP Server


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Very often on loading a page (on Frontend and Backend) my XAMPP server crashes.

Windows prompts "Apache HTTP Server stopped working".

I have to go to the XAMPP Control Panel, stop apache and start it again.

It appears to occur totally random. Click on link, page loads, click back, click same link again, crash.


Here is a pastie of the error.log

I can't really get something out of it. Maybe some problems with ports 443 and 80?

Except with prestashop, I never experienced malfunction of my XAMPP Server.


Using XAMPP 1.7.7 on Win7



Thanks for any hints!

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Looking at your error.log, it didn't show any [error] or [warning] that related directly to your problem.

If you feel this has something to do with 443 and 80, you can disable the listen to port 443 by editing the httpd.conf of your apache in WAMP.

Or you can try to right click on your wamp .exe -> run as administrator


Sometimes Win7 is trying to be smart by limiting certain access from your application, though it's not random, but worth the shot.

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im using xampp on my windows pc and for me everything works fine


can you say something more about your prestashop installation? Maybe you use some external solutions with messed code (some loops etc.) causing the memory leaks?

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