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  1. I just checked on a PS 1.4 website and I saw that the id is not #sendtoafriend but #sendfriendpage and the CSS file was /module/sendtoafriend/sendtoafriend.css I'm not sure if the module has been modified but you can check if there is a sendtoafriend.css file somewhere, and can you tell us what's the code in the tpl file (the div and h1 part) ? Antho
  2. Hi, I'd create a module for that rather than edit the best-sellers. But if you still want to edit this one, you'll need to modify the query so it selects each product of your orders (orders and order_detail tables), order by date_add and limit to x products. Don't forget to remove duplicates products. Antho
  3. Hello, Tu trouveras les fichiers CSS dans /themes/default/css/ Pour changer le fond du site, recherche dans le global.css #page {} et ajoute la propriété background ici. Si tu as besoin d'avoir un fond particulier sur une page particulière, tu peux utiliser l'id de la balise body (par exemple #my-account pour la page "Mon compte"). Antho
  4. Hi, What payment module do you use? Antho
  5. Hi, Wich CSS file do you modify? You said that you use tools like Firebug, when you inspect the h1 element you can see wich CSS files are used. Maybe the file you modified is not used/loaded. You can also try to modify the style of another element of the module to find out where the problem could be. Antho
  6. Hi, Did you activate the "Dev mode" in config/defines.inc.php to show errors? Wich version of Prestashop do you have? Antho
  7. Attention au code que l'on trouve sur certains sites/blog. Je prends au hasard le lien "Segmenter vos clients" et je ne vois pas de vérification d'existence sur certaines variables. "Pour un web de qualité..." Mais l'idée de centraliser des fonctionnalités utiles peut être intéressante. Antho
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