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[solved] Configuration of the Shipping- Flat Rate and Free Shipping

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I would like to offer free standard ground shipping to customers who spend more than $69 and charge those who spend less a flat rate for standard ground of $3.99. Can Prestashop do this and how?



Thanks in advance,



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HI Brent!


This forum you posted in is actually for PrestaBox, a SaaS solution, not PrestaShop. It's confusing I know.



I'll move the thread but lets answer your question.


Yes! You can do this.


Are you stuck at a certain part or would you like to know more detail about where to start?


Basically, this is what you want to do.


1)Shipping>Carriers>Add New >Name it for example (Free Ship over $69) it and assign it to the Zone you want with a checkmark (I assume North America Only)

Next make sure that the Out-Of Range Behavior is set to Disable Carrier.


2)Now Add New for another Carrier and name it for example (Flat rate Under $70) with the same conditions as the first.


3) Next, you want to set up the weight and price ranges for these two carriers.

Go to Shipping>Price Ranges>Add new

You would need to do a Price Range for

$70 to 1000000 for the Free Shipping Carrier


0 to 69.99 for the Flat Rate Carrier

You also need to make weight ranges in Shipping>Weight Ranges even though they don't really matter. You can Add both of them and make the range of 0-100000 lbs


4)Go to Shipping>Shipping and make sure everything under the "Handling" section is set to "0"

Under Billing, make sure it is According to Total Price


5) At Shipping>Shipping you see at the bottom (Fees by carrier, geographical zone and ranges)

On the Drop down select one of the carriers you just created. Lets do Free Shipping over $69, you should see the North America Zone with the Range of $70 to $100000.... Set that price to "0.00" (it should be that by default)

Next, find the Flat Rate Shipping on the Drop down. It should say $0 to $69.99 and make the fee $3.99.



I believe that is it! Make sure to disable all other carriers. Let me know if this works and if not, we can troubleshoot until we find a solution.


I hope this helps! Thank you for choosing PrestaShop!

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I have one more question in relation to this: Fedex is my overnight and 2 day carrier. These two shipping methods are not free, their based on weight. How would I set these up?




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