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Hi All


I am developing a website using prestashop 1.5.


I have a list of 'product categories' on a single page. I want to add a pagination on that list of categories.


The page that I want to add the pagination to is here:



I want to limit the number of results to 5 product categories per page, and I also want to have a pagination at the bottom of the page.


How do I achieve this???


Is there a module I need to use to achieve this??


PS: I am aware that you can enable pagination in the back end admin, (but this only seems to effect a list of 'products' and it does not effect a list of 'categories')


Therefore I desperately need to know how to paginate a list of categories.


Any help would be much appreciated





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without core modification it isn't possible to add pagination there. If you want to add pagination here, you have to modify the CategoryController located in controllers/front/categorycontroler.php + some modifications in Category class (classes/category.php) + template file modification (themes/your_theme/category.tpl)


it isn't as simple as it seems

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