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  1. UPDATE...The version of google site map module I am currently using is v1.9
  2. Hi All I am using the Google site map generator module with prestashop 1.6. The module works perfectly fine when I click on 'Update Sitemap File". However..Ideally, I would like to set up a 'cron task' for the site map generation so this task is done automatically. But the link below that is generated by the module does not seem to work: http://mysite.co.uk/modules/gsitemap/gsitemap-cron.php?&token=9a1b6d9c7d&GSITEMAP_ALL_CMS=1&GSITEMAP_ALL_PRODUCTS=0 I assume that this above link should work when I paste it into my browser and hit return. But the link doesnt generate anything. I know that this topic has been posted elsewhere on this forum, and supposedly it is a known issue with prestashop 1.5. But I am also having the same issues with version 1.6. ALSO: Why is it with prestashop 1.6 that I have to use an old version of the google site map generator module to make the 'manual' site map generator work. (If I update to the latest Google sitemap module the manual site map generation does not work at all). So I am forced to use an old version of Google site map module to make the manual 'update site map' button work. But with this version the cron task link does not work. Does anybody have a solution for this to make the sitemap cron task work for prestashop 1.6. Many thanks in advance Andrew
  3. Hi There I have just finished developing a Prestashop website and I am now reviewing an SEO strategy to move the site forward. My question is, has anyone used or had experience with any of the SEO modules that are currently available. The two I have found are here: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/seo-prestashop-modules/4982-seo-internal-linking.html http://addons.prestashop.com/en/seo-prestashop-modules/16939-seo-expert.html Are these SEO modules worth the money? And what do they do that is over and above the basic SEO features that are in the prestashop admin? Does anyone have anything to say about these modules, and if it is a good idea purchase one of these. Any input would be much appreciated Many Thanks Andrew
  4. Hi All On my product detail page, I have added some 'attributes and values'...The attributes and values have been set up by me in the prestashop admin area. The attributes are for 'colour' and 'size' additionally in the prestashop admin I have set up the size attribues for each product to show as radio buttons....Therefore when I view a product on my website my size attributes are as 'radio buttons'. My question is as follows: Is there a module, or an easy solution to change the radio buttons to ticks. I'm looking for a solution that changes the radio button to a .png or .gif as a tick. I am aware that I could use jquery to accomplish this but this solution causes a conflict with the prestashop system and I simply need to know if there is an easy module based solution to accomplish the above. A screen grab is attached of my current product detail page. Any solution would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance Regards Andrew
  5. Hi All I am developing a website using prestashop 1.5. I have a list of 'product categories' on a single page. I want to add a pagination on that list of categories. The page that I want to add the pagination to is here: http://fantasticrugs...roller=category I want to limit the number of results to 5 product categories per page, and I also want to have a pagination at the bottom of the page. How do I achieve this??? Is there a module I need to use to achieve this?? PS: I am aware that you can enable pagination in the back end admin, (but this only seems to effect a list of 'products' and it does not effect a list of 'categories') Therefore I desperately need to know how to paginate a list of categories. Any help would be much appreciated Regards Andrew
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