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[SOLVED] priceDisplay and tax included

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I keep seeing this around the default theme

{if $priceDisplay} tax ecluded {else} tax included

, but I can't find any setting in the back office that relates to that variable... how do I set it? At the moment, it's set to show tax excluded, I want it to show tax included.




EDIT: Sorry, probably posted this in the wrong area.

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Look here:


in frontcontroller, you have the following line:


  'priceDisplay' => Product::getTaxCalculationMethod(),



in product.php there is the following line:

public static $_taxCalculationMethod = PS_TAX_EXC;

(initializing the value to TAX_EXC)


and those two functions:



public static function initPricesComputation($id_customer = null)
 if ($id_customer)
  $customer = new Customer((int)$id_customer);
  if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($customer))
  self::$_taxCalculationMethod = Group::getPriceDisplayMethod((int)$customer->id_default_group);
  self::$_taxCalculationMethod = Group::getPriceDisplayMethod(Group::getCurrent()->id);
public static function getTaxCalculationMethod($id_customer = null)
 if ($id_customer)
 return (int)self::$_taxCalculationMethod;


Doing the work of returning the right value. Apparently it depends on any (previous) customer, what group he's in...


For you to dig some more in this...


My cents,


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Thank you both for your answers, but indeed Vekia has the answer I was looking for.


Where can I make suggestions for future Prestashop builds... I would expect to see a default setting for all groups tax setting in the preferences area of the back office.




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This is what I came here for:


{$priceDisplay} can have this values:

1 (means Tax excluded)

0 (means Tax included)


The variable is read from an option named "price display" of the group of the current customer.

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