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In which file is the price updated in the product page

Too Cool

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in which file is the price updated in the product page, because I have installed a module attribute wizard pro but the quantity is not working! when I add the product into cart it works, it adds the product to the cart with its price and the quantity number, but when I change the quantity it doesnt update the price in the product page, so in which file is this done so that I can solve this problem?

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Hi Too cool,

Your question is a little confusing. You talk about product page, but I think you mean shopping cart page, or checkout page, right? You change the quantity with the arrows up/down, so the order changes, right? The price on the 'product page' as you described, I don't expect to change, as it is just the normal fixed price per product. Please elaborate here a little.


What PS version do you use?


In, I would start with the files:


and from there see what happens when you add a product/change the amount.


Somewhere in here you see code like this:



public function updateQty($quantity, $id_product, $id_product_attribute = null, $id_customization = false,

$operator = 'up', $id_address_delivery = 0, Shop $shop = null, $auto_add_cart_rule = true)




the second file to look at is:



here I expect the quantity change to happen when pressing the up/down button.

Have a look at the code:



public function ajaxProcessUpdateQty()





and from there see what happens when you change the amount.



Maybe start a look here, and see if it gives some clues.


My 2 cents,


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Hi PascalVG,

I have a little diffrent question I hope that you could help me.


I am trying to edit just a look of the quantity buttons, but I have no idea where, because I found them on three places in shopping-card-product-line.tpl in shopping-cart.tpl and

inside order-address-product-line.tpl, but none of them didn't react to the changes.


all I want is just remove the image of quantity buttons and replace it with different img.


I am using prestashop 1.5.4 and default theme

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Hi xezus,


I see some Buttons Up/Down here:

/themes/<your theme folder>/img/icon/quantity_up.gif

/themes/<your theme folder>/img/icon/quantity_down.gif


Not sure if there are more. Please change these first, and if there are some left out, please send me a link to that page.


Hope this helps,



(You can check many things with Google Chrome browser. Right click on a spot in the page where you want to know more about, and choose the "Inspect element" item. You will see code and css of element. You can even real time change css here :-) )

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Thanks this is also solution, but my problem is that even if I delete the img tag (img tag containing button image) inside shopping-cart.tpl, order-address-product-line.tpl or shopping-card-product-line.tpl. Nothing happen in output the img tag is still there so I don't know where make those changes to change the HTML structure.

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