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Payment Page - Set Credit Card as Default?


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There always is something holding me up from opening my store officially. Now it is the payment page/modules.


On the payment page of my store a customer must click on one of four links

Pay with bank wire

Pay with Google Checkout

Pay with Paypal

Pay with Merchantware


Merchantware is the credit card processor I've decided to use, but how is a customer supposed to know to click on it to pay with a credit/debit card? This is absolutely unacceptable as it makes my site look like fraudulent. If you click on the link, you are redirected to another page to enter your CC info.


No no no.


How do I make a credit card info form on my payment page as the default? I expect most people to be paying with a credit/debit card and I want them to not click on a link to be able to.


Please, someone tell me how to add a default credit card processing form on my payment page?

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The first question you have to ask, is to Merchantware. As they are the credit card processor, will they allow you to collect the credit card information on your website, and transmit it to them. If they say no, then you have no choice. If they say yes, then you need a revised payment module that would allow you to collect the information.


There is a thing called PCI compliance, and in order to accept credit cards on your website, you will need to be compliant.

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