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Link menu colours to correct cover image


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If I have a product, a shirt for example in four different colours with four different images for these colours - black, white, blue and red.


Then in the navigation menu I have a title 'colours' with a dropdown showing black, white, blue and red.


Is it possible so when you select black from the menu the black thumbnail shows as the cover image? and likewise for the other colours?


Currently, I am duplicating the same product four times and choosing the relevant image as the cover.


Hopefully there's a more efficient way to achieve this?

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Thanks for that,


I know how to do all that though, just to explain further....


With the example pic you posted you have ipods in many different colours and you have selected blue to be the default combination.


Now, on the front end if you have a menu 'colour' with a dropdown of black, blue, green etc .


In order to get your ipod product above showing for all these colours in the dropdown menu you would just select all of the colours in the category tree in admin.


The problem is that if you add the above product in the different colour categories all of the initial thumbs/combinations will be blue regardless of what colour you have selected from the dropdown?

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