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  1. In Prestashop BO you can set a date for when an item will be back in stock. Is there a way (or module) to display this information on the front end? So a customer knows when that item is back in? I know you can add text to display when a item is out of stock but this is a bit laborious on a large site with products having hundreds of variations.
  2. I need to change the order of accessories/related products for the products on my store. Does anyone know how to do this? I can't see an option anywhere other that removing all accessories and re adding them in the correct order?
  3. When a customer makes order for 'Collection in Store' the status in the Back Office displays as 'Out for Delivery' when it should be 'Preparation in Progress' Does anybody know how I change this?
  4. Hi, Does anyone know a way to add a prefix or suffix to certain prices. So for example 'From' £40.00 or £45 'per letter', that kind of thing? I'm using 1.7.6 btw
  5. Ah right I see, I guess I won't upgrade then! I wonder if it's a bug or some king of data privacy/security thing? Hopefully there's a module out there for this?
  6. I missed it too for a while! On the order page you just need to click 'go to payment page to process the order' where you can checkout and enter card details
  7. Thanks for getting back, County not Country. 'County' is what we call 'State' in the UK. I just need to change the word State to County. I thought it would be in translations but couldn't find it there?
  8. The site is in the UK where we use County rather than State. So when customers check out they need to see an option for County rather than State.
  9. Hopefully an easy one! Does anyone know how to change 'State' to 'County' on the checkout fields? V1.7.5
  10. Does anyone know how to stop the auto sending of 'WE'RE CURRENTLY PROCESSING YOUR ORDER' emails. On this particular website orders are not processed for a week so it's a bit misleading when they get an auto email 2 days after ordering. It just needs to be sent out manually by selecting it on the order details page. It's deselected in the 'Statuses' pages but that doesn't seem to make a difference?
  11. Haha yes! all these years and i've never noticed that. Cheers Daresh.
  12. Is there a module out there that allows a shop owners to process orders by phone. So the client calls...the owners logs in the backend, selects a product, add their name and processes the payment? Ive seen modules where the customer goes through the checkout process then gets an option to phone and complete the transaction but that's not what we're after.
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