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Hi, i am a bit new to prestaShop and smarty. I have configured the footer.tpl and made as desired. Now i need to add is another module (reassurance) module in the footer . But when i enable it it overlaps my current footer..


The questiion is the from footer.tpl file {$Hook_footer} calls the footer to be made. Now i used this for the block categeroies to be shown on the site. Now , the thing i need to understand is that, after this how is it still going to show or create another block,the reinsurance one or the social media one. !

i assume there is a function which checks which modules are enabled for the footer and then when Hook_Footer is called it dispalys them in that place. But i want 2 or more to be on different place. not all modules to be on the same place.


Hope you understood.. i have attached two files aswell





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yea i can do that , but the thing is i myself has configured the footer.tpl file


and i want something like this.... (mod1 and mod2 are modules HTML)



<div>My changes</div>



if i call Hook_footer in palce of mod1, it will also show mod2 irrespective of positions. and similarly if i show in mod2.

Hope you understood now :)

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