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  1. Hello, I need to know that for online payments we are using the services of Mashreq Bank, they have there own PHP API for the payments. They have provided us with the API ,and testing accounts etc, but i still dont get how do i use that. Just wanted to ask does Prestashop have a module in which you just enter the API url and the merchant values, and it carries out our transactions etc. Let me know if you want me to be more specific, English is not my first language Thanks
  2. hey, this means we can use Open ERP for free ? cool ! .. just need to know about the features.. i have very bad in accounts and etc side of the business. so this erp will be able to handle the purchases and sales and the profit margins etc ?
  3. yea, i want to check the purchases etc.. so how in the end am i suppose to know what is my end month profit etc ? Can i get this info in stats currently.. My issue is that i am a web developer, working on PHP etc.. this is complete business and its just understandable for me
  4. hmm thats no issue.. can you please guide me how to print the whole product list with the stocks etc... i am total noob in it
  5. yea sorry for not being clear.. I can do that quantities thing no issue. But to show products or add quantities of them on the site. I need to have some products at my warehouse. Meaning i need to purchase these products (Purchases). I can generate reports for sales to customers and everything, using stats tab in the BO. But i also need to know my Purchase Orders to different suppliers and how many items are we purchasing from a specific supplier etc. So in the end of the month . I can generate how much profit have i made on the basis of sales and purchases Hopefully this explains better. English is not my first language
  6. I dont know if this a silly question with a simple answer.. but i cant seem to find a place to enter my purchases. Even the Stats are mostly related to the sales, My scenario is that , when the site is running, i will purchase approx 100 products with different stock values from my sister company at a good rate and will sell them online on a specified profit. I understand i can enter the retail and wholesales prices etc for an individual product, but i cant seem to find any place get or enter the purchases! Please let me know about this
  7. sorry i dont know anything about PIN codes.. so i guess we have not touched that scenario. it just a plain module
  8. Hey everyone. Just need a bit of help.. i am creating an e-commerce site using presta.. and for testing purpose i made one order.. i could see 2 shipping carriers. listed.. both created by me! one was for test (My test carrier 1) and the other the original name of a shipping company. Although i had removed the test one from BO , but still it was listed on the front panel. I check the back panel .. and it wasnt showing there. I didnt pay much attention and confirmed the order on COD. Now i went to the DB to check the test carrier. It was listed as deleted in the table. but the row was still there. so i removed the complete row of the carrier. But now when i go for checkout . i am shown only one carrier (Original name one. which is correct).. but i dont have any option for cash on delivery anymore. All i see is bank wire under payment method ? COD is enabled from BO.
  9. hmm i get the idea.. I can also create and edit already created status.! Nice. Thanks alot. i will check into it! can someone tell me how much does a bank charges for the first time setup for these services. We have a bank here which provide E-Commerce services . but its costing us approx 4100$ . This is only one time payment. They are also taking 2.75% of each transactions done by either one of Visa Card, Master Card, JCB card... is this ok for the bank to charge us this much!.. or this is completely wrong!
  10. Hello i have installed the latest version of COD module for Prestashop. Its working fine . For testing , i purchased an item on cash on delivery . but i dont know what to do after this ? I checked the admin for the orders. i get the invoice and everything. But i need to know what process should i follow. Now being the admin of the site what should i do to carry the transactions. My Process is to be that i get the order online. I take the invoice and send it to my warehouse.. and then they go deliver the products. get the money and the customer's signature as an acceptance of the items. And they come back to me with the money and i put that in the bank.. Now what steps in prestaShop should i be taking to accomplish this ?? Thanks
  11. i think i just cracked this.. i went to Localization -> currencies .. and edit my default currency. Enable decimal points. and saved. it worked!
  12. hey i have tried everything.. couldnt find the solution to it ? .. any idea what else i can try..
  13. sure, i will do that and update my findings. Hopefully I can solve it. Plus , it used to work fine, until we upgraded to the latest version
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