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how to change position of slider for homepage

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I'm new in Prestashop and I need some help. I'm trying to change position of "Image slider for Homepage" module. Now it's on bottom of the page, but i want to have it on the top (under the top menu module, and above "Home text editor" module) I tried "drag and drop" in Positions -> Live Edit, but nothing happend. I drop the slider module, i drag to the place where i want, but the module returned on the bottom of the page.


Where can be mistake? Maybe there is some lock for position? It's possible?


Thanks a lot


Jiří Kapusta

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I want to change slider position as well as increase size(width).

Please help me.




yaniv14 posted url to tutorial about moving slider to top, which mean that you also must change size, all informations you can reach in page that yaniv posted



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