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  1. Hi guys, I'd like to ask, how can I translate things like "Add to cart", "View", "Compare"... See attached picture. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi. How can I delete default language? I want to add new attribute, so I fill some fields in form and when I want to save changes, there is warning, that i have to fill it in english too. So, how can I delete this language? Because in Localization -> Languages i cant. Or i have to fill it in english first anywhere? Its very boring! Sorry for my englsh.
  3. Hi. I'm new in Prestashop and I need some help. I'm trying to change position of "Image slider for Homepage" module. Now it's on bottom of the page, but i want to have it on the top (under the top menu module, and above "Home text editor" module) I tried "drag and drop" in Positions -> Live Edit, but nothing happend. I drop the slider module, i drag to the place where i want, but the module returned on the bottom of the page. Where can be mistake? Maybe there is some lock for position? It's possible? Thanks a lot Jiří Kapusta
  4. Im using v1.5. Its working now, thank a lot. I had to copy the image file to theme directory.
  5. Hi. I bought a wine shop theme (http://www.dreamtheme.eu/demo-wineshop/) I'd like to change title on the top picture, instead of "Wine Shop" I want to have "Jihomoravská vína .cz". Please, can you help me? I can't find this choise in administration. Thank you very much and sorry for my english. Jiri Kapusta
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