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Change design - newbee needs help!


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Dear all,


i am pretty new at prestashop and need your assistance.

I am fairly good with html but that is not helping me here. :(


The problem is that i want to change in the code, to change the look of certain things in the shop.

When i inspect elements with firebug, it is quite easy to find what i need to change - but where do i find it in the files that needs to be changed.




In this I would like to remove the text that appears when you hover over the product picture. See picture in below link.




How do I figure out WHERE to find the file where i can delete the product description??


I am really getting desperate here, so please help! :wacko:

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Hi and welcome to Prestashop's Community!


Prestashop uses Smarty as a template engine, and thus you'd ideally know that language to edit the template files. The code is stored in .tpl files, that you can locate inside themes/themename/ of your prestashop installation.


You'll not face regular html + php, so be really careful when editing!


In that case it's the theme folder, then product-list.tpl.





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