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PrestaShop SugarCRM Community Edition Integration Suites.


Automatically synchronize Prestashop Customers, Currencies, Category, Products, Sales Order/Invoices into SugarCRM CE (Community Edition Only) vi REST API.


The Prestashop SugarCRM CE Integration Version 1.0 transmitting the data from prestashop into sugarcrm community edition only. You can now seamlessly enter the information in prestashop and it will automatically sync into sugarcrm.


Visit our website at http://www.anterp.co...crm-integration


PrestaShop SugarCRM Integration provide data synchronization between Customers,

Contacts, Categories, Products and Sales Order/Invoice.

Our solutions provide automatically sync data from Prestashop into SugarCRM. It solved the problems for manually process:

  • No Import/Export need to be done.

  • No manually copy & paste your customer, contact, categories, products, orders & etc from prestashop to sugarcrm.

  • No duplicate data entry. The data sync suites will automatically map the data and perform insert/update data into sugarcrm.

Compatible with:


PrestaShop Version 1.4.5.x / 1.4.6.x / 1.4.7.x / 1.4.8.x / 1.4.9.x / 1.5.x

SugarCRM CE Version 6.4.x / 6.5.x



  • Customers Account Sync
  • Customers Contact Sync
  • Currency Sync
  • Products Category Sync
  • Products Sync
  • Products Image Sync
  • Sales Order/Invoice Sync
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe Newsletter Sync
  • Multi-currency Support Sync
  • Product Attribute Support
  • Voucher Discount Sync (Via Custom Fields)
  • LDAP Authentication

Parameters Data Sync

  • Quote/Invoices PDF Templates
  • Invoice Statuses

Please download our Prestashop SugarCRM Community Edition installation guide from




DEMO Prestashop SugarCRM CE Integration:


You can test it from Prestashop -> SugarCRM CE. I have set the synchronization for every 1 minute to perform the synchronization.


1) Login to Prestashop as customer using the information below:


Demo Site: http://www.anterp.com/prestasugarsync

User ID: demo3@anterp.com

Password: Passw0rd123


You can try to buy any products from the store. Don't worry, it is just a live DEMO site. No credit card required. Log out now.


2) Login to Prestashop as admin user using the information below:


Demo Site: http://www.anterp.co...ugarsync/admins

User ID: admin@anterp.com

Password: Passw0rd123


2.1 Click on Shop Menu and goto Orders.

2.2 Click on the new created sales orders.

2.3 Set the "order status" => Delivered or Shipped. Enter some comments and it will ready to sync into SugarCRM Community Edition. Please wait for 1 minute to perform the synchronization.


3) Login to Sugar CRM CE as admin user:


Demo Site: http://www.anterp.com/sugarprestasync

User ID: admin

Password: Passw0rd123


3.1 Go to Invoice. You can now verify your Sales Invoice information.



Note: Please be patient while performing the test. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks you.

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Hi All,


Sorry for the late replied. I was not aware of the topic you reply over here.


Yes, we have upgraded the PrestaShop SugarCRM Integration to support the latest version to 1.5.x and SugarCRM 6.5.x. The DEMO site are currently down and will have a new fresh install again in future. Thanks You.

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I need this module, but I need an specific function. I have many salesman who visits my customer's places. So I need each saleman can make an order to one customer.


I mean Saleman A sells products to customer B, I need that in the SugarCRM appear that the order was placed by customer B, is it possible? I can't figure out how to solve it, the perfect situation will be a droplist or a text field where I can search my customers in the SugarCRM.


The process is this:

1) Salesman make an order to a customer via mobile

2) My salesman have to fill the info like products, customer, way to pay.

3) In SugarCRM, I have to view the order placed by the customer not by the Salesman



May be I'm not being clear, english is not my first language.


Thank you in advance

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