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  1. I just noticed that our cart seems to be randomly creating linked orders. I manually processed an order in the back office; after processing payment, I noticed there were two orders that had been created. The credit card was only charged once and I only created one order but it was split into two. I can't find any documentation about linked orders. Does anyone know how/why they're being created?
  2. Our cart just started created "linked orders" for no apparent reason. I wish someone would address this question!
  3. Malcek- Did you end up using SugarCRM with PrestaShop? Do you like it? I'm trying to get feedback from people who are using both. Thanks!
  4. Quochung- Did you ever get an answer? Are you using SugarCRM with PrestaShop? Do you like it?
  5. Another user asked this same question (today) in another forum and no one has answered. I am also looking for feedback but no one is replying.
  6. Yes, I would like to know this as well. So would other people- I've seen a few other threads asking this same question. So far no one has answered.
  7. Update: We have the following shipping modules installed: Connect to FedEx (PrestaShop), FedEx Shipping (Presto-Changeo) and Connect to USPS (PrestaShop). Can anyone help with this? Thanks!
  8. Never mind, I found a manual way to make it work. Normally I can open .CSV files through Excel and the Import Wizard automatically opens. This time, I had to "manually" start the Import Wizard using the "From Text" option in the "Get External Data" section of the "Data" tab. Thanks anyway!
  9. When I open it in Notepad, the "Wordwrap" feature is on and the info is displayed in 3 lines. However, when I turn off "Wordwrap," the data is in one long line. And I'm using a PC.
  10. Hello, I'm interested in purchasing this module but I have a question about the report that is produced. I looked at the back-end example and generated a report for orders/products/voucher codes used. When I open the report in Excel, all the information is jumbled together in one cell. I tried several ways to open the file so I could access the Import Wizard and format the information, but I never got that to work. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  11. We are using FedEx and USPS as our carriers. Our shipping rates are currently based on weight. Is there a way to set the minimum shipping amount to $6.99? We want to use the amounts provided by the carriers for larger orders, but we don't want anything to ship for less than $6.99. Is there a way to do this? Thanks! Leigh
  12. Hello all, We're having some functionality problems with our PrestaShop store and need some help. Here are some examples of items that we're struggling with: Need to create a product but not have it show up online for customer ordering Determine how to include tracking numbers in the emails sent by the system Establish cart rules so certain customers can only order in 12-packs Need to create a product that has 2 kinds of packs (is this even possible?) Ensure “Free Shipping” text doesn’t show up until retail customer logs in Most of the action items are related to back-end functionality, but there are also a few changes needed for our front-end cart. We're located in Texas and would prefer someone who's also in the United States due to time difference concerns. Thank you.
  13. I have questions about combinations versus packs. We sell widgets. One of our widgets, BobbleA, is only available in 30-count or 90-count. I want to keep track of inventory because we get BobbleA in a big bundle and then package in 30-count or 90-count. So, I need to know how many BobbleA widgets we have in stock so I'll know when to reorder. At first, I thought I would set up BobbleA as a pack. That way, I could assign 30 of BobbleA to the item code and it would deplete inventory. However, that won't allow me to offer both 30-count and 90-count on the same item page. Then, I thought I would set up BobbleA with combinations. That way, I can offer a 30-count and a 90-count. However, those combinations are based on attributes that have nothing to do with inventory. Using this option, my inventory for BobbleA isn't depleted because I can't say that I'm removing 30 individual widgets from the count. How do I solve this dilemma? I might be confused in my understanding, so feel free to correct me on any of this. Thanks!
  14. I am very interested in this answer also because I'm looking into using the "Nowhere" visibility setting. I wish someone would answer this!!
  15. I read that emails are sent to my customers when certain things happen. For example, when a customer successfully registers an account, they are sent an email. When their order is marked as "Shipped," they are sent an email. I would like to know what actions trigger an email, what email is sent and how do I modify the text in the email? I looked at the User's Guide but couldn't find the information. Thanks!
  16. Hello all! I'm a new user and have a question about creating a free order in the back end office. I'm having problems figuring out the payment side of things. As an example, we want to send a free t-shirt to a customer. I can enter the order in the back office and use a Voucher/Cart rule to make the cost of the t-shirt $0. I can also click "Free Shipping" so the order total is $0. Here's where I run into problems. How do I record the "payment"? I tried adding the order with no payment but kept getting an error message. We are currently set up to accept PayPal payments and credit cards through Authorize.net. However, for accounting reasons, I don't want to show a payment from PayPal or Authorize; it needs to be something else. I was thinking of creating a special "payment" type just for this purpose but I can't figure out how to do that. What are my options? Do y'all have any suggestions on a different procedure? Thanks!
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