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PrestaShop Security Module


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I am new to prestashop, but as far as I can tell this is an order anti-fraud module. Is there any documentation out there on the module or the service at all. For example what are the range of scores that it will provide? Is there a point where the score should raise the alarm for a merchant, typical false positives, etc?? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Ahh I see. While I don't have that specific information (I'll look around for you though), you can see the original description from when we released this module here.


Additionally, our own Addons team uses something very similar, with very reliable results. Every time I've dealt with a flagged order, the system was in fact correct, so I certainly trust it personally to make the right differentiation between legitimate and fraudulent orders.



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Hello Mike,


Could I ask you to tell me how to configure and use this module please?

I have filled all hte fields in the configuration, I have a key, a shop ID, etc.


Now what else need to be done? How to use it?


Thanks a lot,




P.S. I have searched for this info all over....with no luck...

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