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Where do the cart products come from?


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Seems like a very simple question, but where do the cart products from?


In the shopping-cart.tpl template you have the smarty variable $products available, but which class/controller is giving this to the template?


I would expect CartController, but I don't see it there

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Try classes/Cart.php  :)


it's created/filled in

public function getSummaryDetails($id_lang = null, $refresh = false) :
$products = $this->getProducts($refresh);             <--- filled here
return array(
'delivery' => $delivery,
'delivery_state' => State::getNameById($delivery->id_state),
'invoice' => $invoice,
'invoice_state' => State::getNameById($invoice->id_state),
'formattedAddresses' => $formatted_addresses,
'products' => array_values($products),               <- there it is... ready to be used in tpl file
'gift_products' => $gift_products,
'discounts' => $cart_rules,
'is_virtual_cart' => (int)$this->isVirtualCart(),
'total_discounts' => $total_discounts,
'total_discounts_tax_exc' => $total_discounts_tax_exc,
'total_wrapping' => $this->getOrderTotal(true, Cart::ONLY_WRAPPING),
'total_wrapping_tax_exc' => $this->getOrderTotal(false, Cart::ONLY_WRAPPING),
'total_shipping' => $total_shipping,
'total_shipping_tax_exc' => $total_shipping_tax_exc,
'total_products_wt' => $total_products_wt,
'total_products' => $total_products,
'total_price' => $base_total_tax_inc,
'total_tax' => $total_tax,
'total_price_without_tax' => $base_total_tax_exc,
'is_multi_address_delivery' => $this->isMultiAddressDelivery() || ((int)Tools::getValue('multi-shipping') == 1),
'free_ship' => $total_shipping ? 0 : 1,
'carrier' => new Carrier($this->id_carrier, $id_lang),
Hope this helps,
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