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  1. Hi, I would like to update the jQuery UI version used by PrestaShop. I want to do so because the last version of jQuery UI (1.9.1) has some plugins that I need. Is it possible to update the version? Which would be the steps to follow in order to do so? I'm planning to do something like: Update all the .js files from /js/jquery/ui Override the Media.php class variable"$jquery_ui_dependencies" with all the new plugins and dependencies. Thanks
  2. I have not been able to find it. Where is this $products comming from?
  3. Thank you for your answer Benjamin. I'm not sure it is the best way at all, it's just the "quick" way I have thought about. In fact, the file uploads could be automatised using Git in the servers, and rolling back to previous versions in case something goes wrong. My main concern is on steps 5 and 6: The production database has all the customers, carts, and "live" data, which is not present in the test database. So I really don't know which tables must not be overriden during the promotion. Any ideas about which tables should not be overriden? I can think of the obvious ones: (ps_customer, ps_cart, ps_guest, ps_orders*), but I'm not sure how many more should be excluded.
  4. Hi, I would like to know if there is any official guide or guidelines to promote PrestaShop installations between environments. In case there are 2 or more environments for a shop (test environment, production environment), which are the recommended steps to take to promote from one environment to another? My concerns are: - promote the shop main configuration options - promote specific modules configuration options - promoting the catalog - promote changes in core or module files - avoid long downtimes To avoid some headaches, I'm thinking about this "simple solution": There would be 2 environments: test (private) and production (public). The test environment is where all the changes are made (with previous backups): core updates, module updates, shop configurations, catalog management, etc. Once the test environment is "accepted", it gets cloned to the production environment (with previous backup). The cloning procedure would have this steps: Backup production files Remove all the old files from production Copy all the files from test to production Backup production database Remove production database* Copy the database from test to production Change the /config/settings.inc.php with the production database values * I should save before the orders, the carts, the user information, etc before. Am I missing something? I just want to know if anyone has easier solutions, or solutions that minimize the downtime. How are you making your environment promotions?
  5. Hi, Has anyone noticed the query builder that is used in some of the PS 1.5 modules? The class DbQueryCore allows to "build" queries in a different way. Even though, in the 1.5 documentation section "DB class best practices" there is nothing about the query builder. http://doc.prestasho...+best+practices I imagine it is recommended for new developments.. Is there anyone there using it?
  6. Hi, I'm developing a simple module to be able to add multiple products from a table to the cart via ajax. Right now, I have a jquery .each() iterator that process all the rows from a table. Each row contains one product. Inside the .each() function I have this call: // use the PS ajaxCart function, from ajax-cart.js ajaxCart.add( idProduct, idCombination, addedFromProductPage, callerElement, quantity, wishlist ); The problem is that the ajax-cart works randomly, and many times it adds the product to the cart but displays the following error as an alert: The "random errors" appear more frequently when the table contains many products (>5). Has someone faced a similar problem with the ajax-cart.add() function?
  7. Hi, I'm developing some modules with Eclipse PDT and I would like to know if anyone has an environment that allows to debug custom modules from Eclipse. What I have done so far: Installed XAMPP in windows with XDebug. Installed Eclipse PDT and configured a PHP server and PHP Debuger. Configured XDebug in Eclipse to accept remote sessions (Windows>Preferences>PHP>Debug>Installed Debuggers>XDebug: Accept remote sessions = prompt) Created a PHP project containing the PrestaShop SVN project. This version has to be replicated exactly in the Server, I use FileSync extension for the sync part. Created a PHP project containing my module. This module is also Synced to the /modules folder in the server using FileSync extension. What I have been able to do is to Debug the core of PrestaShop when I open a browser and acces the server (http://localhost/). When I do that, Eclipse prompts if I want to start a debug session and then I can go line by line debugging the code, starting at index.php. The problem is that I'm not able to debug code from my custom modules. That means that when I open the browser and I go to a page which is rendered by my module, Eclipse does not stop in my breakpoints. Does anyone know how to solve the problem? How are you debugging your custom modules? http://andrei.gmxhom...sync/index.html
  8. I'm also interested in this feature. In a product page the price can be shown like this: {$product_unity = $product->unity|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} {$product_unit_price_ratio = $product->unit_price_ratio|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} {if !$priceDisplay || $priceDisplay == 2} {assign var='productPrice' value=$product->getPrice(true, $smarty.const.NULL)} {assign var='productPriceWithoutRedution' value=$product->getPriceWithoutReduct(false, $smarty.const.NULL)} {elseif $priceDisplay == 1} {assign var='productPrice' value=$product->getPrice(false, $smarty.const.NULL)} {assign var='productPriceWithoutRedution' value=$product->getPriceWithoutReduct(true, $smarty.const.NULL)} {/if} {* display unit price of the product *} {if !empty($product_unity) && $product_unit_price_ratio > 0.000000} {math equation="pprice / punit_price" pprice=$productPrice punit_price=$product->unit_price_ratio assign=unit_price} <p class="unit-price"><span id="unit_price_display">{convertPrice price=$unit_price}</span> {l s='per'} {$product->unity|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</p> {/if} But in the "category>product-list.tpl", there is no access to the "product->getPrice" function. Does anyone know how to show the unit price in the category view?
  9. Ouch! I've been working with this module and it sure needs a code revision. Thank you mexique1.
  10. So... has this module been refactored? is it planned for the short-term? I keep checking the repository and the code seems almost the same as was some months ago.
  11. In my case, I had the same error and solved it by changing database server from localhost:port to
  12. Has anyone tried this responsive theme? http://prestashopbootstrap.com/
  13. Hola, Tengo entendido que el 29 de Mayo empiezan unos cursos de formación (integración y desarrollo) en Barcelona. No encuentro información al respecto en ningún sitio de la web de PrestaShop. ¿Alguien sabe algo al respecto?
  14. Hi, Has anyone found the Database Schema for the 1.5 version? It's easy to find the 1.4 version, but haven't seen the 1.5 version on this forum. Thanks.
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