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Move Animation to Cart ?!


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Hey folks,


today i removed some blocks/modules to clean up the standart theme for some testing, on the right column I put just the cart modul. But after this the animation from picture to the cart was removed. Which block or modul handle this animation?


any suggestions?





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Its better to explain it the other way, which modules i have left :)



On rightColumn i have left: Block Warenkorb v1.2 ( Block Cart v1.2 i assume)


On leftColumn i have left: Blockkategorien v2.0 ( Block categorys v2.0 i assume)


on home i have left:

Startseiten-Text-Editor v1.6 (startsite-text-editor v1.6)

Ausgewählte Produkte auf der Startseite v0.9 (chosen products on startsite v0.9)


on top there is:

Quick Search Block v1.0

Benutzerinfo-Block v0.1 ( user info block)

Nicht gefundene Seiten v1.0 (404 thing)

Suchmaschinen-Keywords v1.0 (searchengine keywords)




Then i removed all of the header modules, because i saw no use to add them to the header of the site. The rest is like the standart installation with content.


Sorry about the german module names, I hope the explaination is okay.






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