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Adding Sharing widget


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HI, i have a sharing widget which I would like to place into the product's and i was wondering if I was able to add this into the page, i was just wondering where the product.php file was located that i needed so that i could add this to the page.

[removed]var switchTo5x=false;[removed][removed][removed][removed]stLight.options({publisher:'1a338f78-5db9-48aa-a45c-5f4088e62ad5'});[removed]

That's the code that i am planning on adding to the products page but i was wondering where the file was to add the code to

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in your theme folder, find the product.tpl

I have gone to that file and added to the place i wan't it but when i load it the button is not there also, i have changed to the Force compile mode to yes to see if that was the problem but i just lost my right hand bar in the process
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