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I'm trying to install clean install (for test purposes) and getting lot of errors.

First problem was that installing modules at 63% failed, the reason was missing getSwiftmailer_EmailSender_ListenerService.php. I can not recover from this error , even when very similar topics are available on this forum. I have solved with installation of version 8.0.1 which worked.

Second problem is that when I log into admin I got error 404. In PHP log file I see 

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Undefined constant "_DB_PREFIX_" in D:\WWW_Data\WWW_PrestaShop\classes\Configuration.php:175

According to available documentation _DB_PREFIX_ should be available in config/sertings.inc.php. But there is only note 'depreciated'.

Because there is very similar topic here I have used some information and posting PHP settings (have PHP 8.1 and 8.3 and both give the same results):

allow_url_fopen = On
allow_url_include = Off
display_errors = Off
enable_dl = Off
file_uploads = On
max_execution_time = 3000
max_input_time = -1
max_input_vars = 50000
memory_limit = 5120M
post_max_size = 8000M
session.gc_maxlifetime = 14400
session.save_path = "d:\temp"
upload_max_filesize = 2000M
zlib.output_compression = Off
asp_tags = Off
session.cookie_secure = On

Is here someone able and willing to help with this installation? Last time I have installed PrestaShop ~10years ago and it was absolutely flawless experience.

I'm fully aware that installing server software on windows is not best possible solution, but I only need to test the system with few articles to see how it works.

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where did you download the version of this prestashop? on the Prestashop website or on github?

have you installed prestashop with PHP 8.3? If so, you would have to install PHP 8.1 again, as Prestashop does not support versions beyond 8.1.

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Hello MaximTimeClock@IcePlanet

It seems you’re encountering a couple of issues with your PrestaShop installation. Let’s address them one by one:

Missing getSwiftmailer_EmailSender_ListenerService.php: This file is part of the SwiftMailer library, which PrestaShop uses for sending emails. The error you encountered during the module installation process at 63% might be due to a corrupted or incomplete download of PrestaShop or a problem during the extraction of files. Since you mentioned that installing version 8.0.1 worked, it’s possible that the issue was specific to the version you were initially trying to install.
Error 404 in Admin and Undefined _DB_PREFIX_: The _DB_PREFIX_ constant is indeed defined in config/settings.inc.php, and it’s used to prefix the database tables. If this file is deprecated or missing, it could lead to the error you’re seeing. The error message suggests that there’s a problem with the definition of _DB_PREFIX_ in your configuration.
Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve these issues:

Ensure that you have downloaded a stable version of PrestaShop from the official repository or a reliable source on GitHub.
Check your config/settings.inc.php file to ensure that the _DB_PREFIX_ constant is correctly defined. If it’s not there, you may need to define it manually.
Clear the cache in PrestaShop after making changes to the configuration files. This can be done from the back office or by deleting the contents of the var/cache directory.
Verify that your PHP settings meet the requirements for PrestaShop. The settings you’ve posted seem to be fine, but double-check the PrestaShop documentation for any specific requirements for your version.
If you continue to experience the 404 error in the admin area, it could be related to URL rewriting settings or permissions on the server. Make sure that your server configuration allows for URL rewriting and that the .htaccess file is correctly configured.
I hope this will help you.

Best regards,


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