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How to migrate Prestashop from Ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04?


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Hi guys. I have 3 prestasho 1.7... working in a ubuntu 18.04 dedicated server. I'm thinking in upgrade server to AlmaLinux or to Ubuntu 22.04 version or the best option is to buy a new server with those versions. Is it possible to migrate this stores? I know I need to have PHP version matching the prestashop version but my question is: If I backup all the files and database and then past it in the new server (and create database) it will be a more or less simple procedure to make it running? I know that in case of new server a new IP will be the first major change....but then what? Can you please help me about this? I want to be prepared to version 8 of prestashop and makes sense upgrade server first. I appreciate your help.


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