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  1. If you fail with support. Send me private after weekend. I will help you out with the module I'm using for the client.
  2. You have most probably 3 months support after buying a module. Best thing is to send an email to them.
  3. Masz ustawione validate czy update stock? Powinieneś mieć oczywiście to drugie.
  4. Jeśli robiłeś import z pliku, to czy ustawiłeś / dopasowałeś opcje? Id do Id, nazwa do nazwy etc? Skąd robiłeś import? ( inny sklep, nie na ps? )
  5. Nie zapomnij napisać o tym do supportu mypresta.eu.
  6. public_html/admin folder error_log either specific module folders.
  7. Did you try on mobile / other internet browser ( private window )?
  8. Może faktycznie to wina dostawcy internetu. Chwilowe problemy.
  9. Classic theme -> translation https://www.prestashop.com/forums/forum/58-forum-generale/
  10. What module was it? Did you disable it? PS version?
  11. Discount rules / filter. Price rule i.e discount 20% for product/s from price range $100-$150. Something like that.
  12. With very good hosting, specs. I think it is doable.
  13. One of the best: https://www.fmemodules.com/en/modules/41-advance-blog.html from @fmemodules
  14. I.e abandoned cart module. Something like that. Also allow guest orders.
  15. U klienta używamy moduł od X13, płatnego niestety. Ale ogólnie pliki pod FB / Google Merchant Center pasują do siebie. Ale Z tego co szukałem, nie znalazłem darmowego. A Fb jest wybredny, jeśli chodzi o plik produktowy.
  16. Store link and tell exactly which phrase you need to translate.
  17. If you used module for it, find the translation. If add by code. Find in presta theme translation. Show the link.
  18. Employee get's a budget for buying stuff - coupons Employee can buy ONLY ONE of each product from their budget (a second one would have to be paid for by himself). - same as above - Prices can only be shown AFTER customer login (we will most likely import a list of emplyees as customers) - Can be set in Prestashop
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