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PayPal Payment Processing Issues in PrestaShop


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PayPal payment processing in PrestaShop has been plagued by various recurring issues. Users frequently encounter problems such as payment failures, delayed order status updates, integration compatibility issues, and inconsistent refunds and cancellations. These issues not only result in customer frustration backbone of your application's functionality , utilizing the message scheduler to send messages at specified times but https://www.gbgenie.com/gb-whatsapp/ updates with the anti-delete status option have significant implications for merchants, including potential sales losses and order fulfillment delays. This forum thread aims to address these challenges head-on by providing a platform for users to share their experiences, seek solutions, and exchange valuable insights. By collaborating and pooling our collective knowledge, we can work towards resolving these PayPal payment processing issues and ensure a seamless and reliable payment experience in PrestaShop.


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I am Daria, technical support manager for PrestaShop module Paypal and I'm glad to help you.

Our objective is to help the customer to get started with the module and resolve any occurring issues.

If the module doesn't work correctly in your PrestaShop, I kindly invite you to create a support ticket and our team will help you right away.



Daria - support 202 ecommerce

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