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The price is displayed with symbols when searching on Google.


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The data and values we passed through HTML or json format from our website or the data Googlebots find by crawling our website, the same data used by them and their algorithm. Therefore check your webpage code using the page view source option, is there something wrong?

An alternate solution will be my module on the marketplace which sends correct information using schema json format and can be tested using Google testing tools online.

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I checked the pages and didn't find the abbreviation CA anywhere. 
If I enter a line like in the picture, then Google returns the correct content, but if in a regular search, then it doesn’t.
Maybe the pages weren't fully indexed?

I have an SEO module with minimal JSON-LD. I think there will be a conflict with your JSON module.
Can I try it?



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If you face any issues, please message me from the addons marketplace, I will feel happy to provide support and thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve your esteemed organization. I can't share documentation, demo videos and other details on forum posts.

I checked below demo link on the Google testing tool mentioned in the previous post and found no issues. Attached screenshot for your reference.






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It seems that the problem was solved, but not in the way I wanted. The site is young, it has not had time to be properly indexed. There is still something to work on.

This topic is closed.

Thanks for answers. 


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