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A balloon shop review needed


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Better for Whom?

So how ithat shop is done its perfect for you and not so perfect for users.


Nafukovací balónky od Klaunů z Balónkova. A spousta dalších serepetiček na párty a oslavy.

Are you able to detect a store in this description? I cannot.
Sure, you can do better. Trim the entire shop into 6 categories and display those individual. Have alt tags which show your intention not alt="klauni.online" Or have you TV and Radio ads running?

Put yourself into the shoes of a visitor: would you like to see all products in the homepage?


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It has English in cookies but no English for accept or deny. I am American, so I used Google Translate. With that it has wierd behaviour with your menu and trying to scroll down to your phone number. It scrolls back up and jiggles up and down. It is phone friendly, I used like my phone. I detect a store Nickz. I tested in native, Czech, and your menu still jiggles and does not scroll to bottom. Jiggles are only when trying to scroll. Seems professional otherwise. All as per one might be maybe or might not be maybe, maybe or maybe not, maybe.

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You are using a standard theme, which is very inconvenient in terms of the shopping experience.
A shopping cart with a lot of extra fields.
It is not immediately clear how and with what you can pay.
What are the delivery options and when?
Photos of the product do not reflect the actual size, it is unclear what it looks like. Often only one picture.
Usually you want to close such sites immediately.

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Your website looks good. I have advice regarding the scroll-to-top feature showing on text, I feel the image position needs to be more on the right side of the web page. I have free module on my website for similar feature.

Attached is a screenshot for your reference.



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On 8/31/2023 at 3:15 PM, Josiah maybe said:

I detect a store Nickz.

fine but who needs to detect the intention is a bot, a bot of a searchengine. They do not try to find the intention, they only pull what is there.

So no shop, not the intention clearly defined that people can buy there.

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