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Prestashop product options customization problem


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Prestashop product options customization problem

I am having a problem with the Prestashop product customization option.  Please see attached pics.  The options of the last customer are showing on the product page (on my website, front office).  The 2nd image I have attached is a screenshot of my back office product-options-customization.

I am using Prestashop version

Anyone have any idea what is going on, and how to fix it?
Thank you!
: )



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13 minutes ago, endriu107 said:

@tztudio by default when user save customization those text are displayed below input, in your theme it is show next to input label, you should check in product-customization.tpl file in your theme and make there changes.

Thank you.  I have cleared cache, but still see it.  It is visible on both my desktop computer, as well as my mobile devices.

Here is the text for the product-customization.tpl file.
What do I need to edit/change?
Thank you for your help : )

<section class="product-customization">
  {if !$configuration.is_catalog}
    <div class="card card-block">
      <h3 class="h4 card-title">{l s='Product customization' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}</h3>
      {l s='Don\'t forget to save your customization to be able to add to cart' d='Shop.Forms.Help'}
      <form method="post" action="{$product.url}" enctype="multipart/form-data">
        <ul class="clearfix">
          {foreach from=$customizations.fields item="field"}
            <li class="product-customization-item">
              <label> {$field.label}</label>
              {if $field.type == 'text'}
                <textarea placeholder="{l s='Your message here' d='Shop.Forms.Help'}" class="product-message" maxlength="250" {if $field.required} required {/if} name="{$field.input_name}"></textarea>
                <small class="pull-xs-right">{l s='250 char. max' d='Shop.Forms.Help'}</small>
              {elseif $field.type == 'image'}
                {if $field.is_customized}
                  <img src="{$field.image.small.url}">
                  <a class="remove-image" href="{$field.remove_image_url}" rel="nofollow">{l s='Remove Image' d='Shop.Theme.Actions'}</a>
                <span class="custom-file">
                  <span class="js-file-name">{l s='No selected file' d='Shop.Forms.Help'}</span>
                  <input class="file-input js-file-input" {if $field.required} required {/if} type="file" name="{$field.input_name}">
                  <button class="btn btn-primary">{l s='Choose file' d='Shop.Theme.Actions'}</button>
                <small class="pull-xs-right">{l s='.png .jpg .gif' d='Shop.Forms.Help'}</small>
        <div class="clearfix">
          <button class="btn btn-primary pull-xs-right" type="submit" name="submitCustomizedData">{l s='Save Customization' d='Shop.Theme.Actions'}</button>

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  • 1 year later...

I am also having this problem ... the mod suggested above has not fixed it for me ... does anyone have a solution ??

Each time it occurs I have to delete the customizations from the product and then recreate them in order to get rid of the unwanted entries.

Hoping someone can help ....

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