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Product image filename change?


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I am using PrestaShop and here is my question:

When uploading a product image (for example 123-qwe.jpg), PrestaShop renames the file to {Product name}.jpg for example.

Is there any way to disable this logic, so the images are uploaded with their original filenames?

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On server file is not renamed as product name. When you add image to product prestashop rename it to ID so in source code you see: 123-home_default/product_name.jpg but in server this is img/p/1/2/3/123-home_default.jpg and original image is img/p/1/2/3/123.jpg

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I didn't know that, but here is what my client wants:

He wants to upload an image that has this name: nail-polish-blue-color-brand-name.jpg for example. And he wants this name to me saved after the upload and when you click to download the image from the file page the file name (alias) to stay the same. This is for SEO purposes.

Is there any module that does this this?

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He claims that he have done it in the past using In fact, in his old shop there are many images with custom names.

What if I told him to create a the product with a product name that satisfies him, in terms of keywords, so the image gets that name and then rename the product to its real name? Will the images retain the original name firstly created?

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